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no eggs!
Does anybody have any idea as to why my girls have stopped laying? None for days.... could it be because I introduced the chicks into the coop?

Many thanks, Emma.
No idea, but a couple of mine went off lay recently for no apparent reason! - one has started laying again, but my previously best layer is still "resting".

Just check there isn't a big pile of eggs somewhere hidden if they free-range!

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yes check for eggs. one of mine started laying in the garden not so long back. it could be that they are put out by the chicks and will start laying soon. apart from that I have no idea!

mine have started moulting so no eggs - but that's quite obvious (feathers everywhere) I suppose so you would know if that was the case.

Putting new chicks in the run might well put them off lay for a bit - I have just introduced three young girls but did get two eggs today  will wait and see if there are any tomorrow

mine have dropped off laying.Time of year i suspect,just having a wee rest.

Dont you just love chickens,just when you think its all running smoothly they decide to stop laying!!!

Check the house for mites,check for broodies,keep an eye on any preditors,check for moulting,give them a day or so's grace (they work very hard you know).check they arent bothered by any new arrivals and allow a settling time.,,,,,,,,etc etc

Then ,just when you think they wont lay again,there will be an egg!

or hopefully 2! Confusedmile:

Ah yes - we have noticed a lot of feather s around and then tonight I spyed Marjorie pecking some out of herself. None of the other s appear to be doing this although I do still have one broody.

Is this moulting?

Thankyou all again!!

It does sound like it yes.  Maybe keep an eye on the one who you thought was pulling them out, it can be a sign of a calcium deficiency, they can fall out when they are grooming but she shouldn't really be pulling them out

Update!! Mustard is now laying and has been for about 10 days. Nothing, however from any of the others! What is going on? No sign of fighting, no rggs elsewhere, nothing.......

Is this it for the winter? 10 chickens in total, 1 possibly 2 boys but they all get on. I don't understand it!

Help! Having to buy eggs!!
The heat that we have had over the last couple of weeks will play a huge part in whether or not hens lay. Eggs are mainly water, so what they drink during the day is currently keeping them hydrated, rather than being used to produce eggs.


Feed is another area to watch if birds are not laying. Sometimes the diet can become unbalanced, or they may not eat enough during the heat, again impacting on egg production.


All the above said, if one bird is laying on a daily basis, the others should be too. 

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Update! Mustard has now stopped laying again ti be broody again! No eggs from anyone!!
Hi. Two months on and I am only getting one bantam egg a day out of all of my 8 girls. Is this normal for them to go off the lay for this amount of time?


oh dear. I'm getting 3 eggs from 13 hens at the moment. a coupe of chicks might start laying in a month or so unless they wait til jan. hope my broodies will start laying again too soon! hope your other 7 start laying again too!


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