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I thought the darker days meant less eggs? I'm getting more.
I have 3 hens and used to get 2 most days and 1 on some. For the last week I have been getting 3 a day - They are laying like mad and we are building up quite a store of eggs..... not that I'm complaining!


Still got this snicking issue though. Going to hit the Respite tonic again tomorrow after a 2 week break from the last dosing. They can't be that under the weather laying so well can they?

Enjoy your eggs while you may! My back garden is begining to look like a duvet's been let loose in there! And the only birds that are laying at the moment seems to be my copper black french maran and the guinea fowl!

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I really need to clean out the Coronations' house but it looks so cosy absolutely covered in white and grey feathers Confusedmile:


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Only getting one egg every other day now, all the hens have packed up the only egg I get is a teeny quails egg, have to wait a week to get 3 to make scrambled egg on toast 

Well sods law, I thought I would show some support for Vorwerk and enter Northampton show next week (shameless plug) and B**ger me the little sods haven't laid a solitary egg for 2 days now :answerme ... Monday we had about 2 dozen so my daughter passed on a load to her friends  we have 2 eggs in the house now!


The view is much better from the naughty step ... Cool
had 6 today from 16 adult hens. getting average of 3 a day at the moment. so many feathers in the garden that O half wondered if a hen had been attacked by prey but when I opened the coop it was covered in feathers!

Spoke to soon - 1 egg a day now from 4 hens. As the egg pile dries up I may have to buy eggs at this rate. The chickens are looking tastier by the day!

Mine gave up a month ago so looking at an egg free Winter again. Luckily the farmhouse just up the road has free ranging hens who live a lovely life and the eggs are £2 a dozen so we are not too deprived. It has been a major moulting season here too, feathers everywhere and birds looking as though they are being seriously neglected. They are starting to look very smart now though.
Today is the First Day of the rest of our lives.
How often do they moult? Mine are all under a year so should I expect a moult next year before winter?

have had to buy eggs!

I had to buy some today too.       I have 20 ish chickens and not one single egg today........................   ( I really must count them!!)    the chickens not the eggs.   Even I can count up to nought..Smile
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No eggs for weeks now: 6 birds of laying age in my garden; 1 is a cock, 1 has never laid anything and is about 4yrs old (choc wyandotte bantam - too posh to lay), one (?shetland cross) stopped several months ago after several soft-shelled eggs and now just pretends to lay, 2 are in mid moult (clb and marans) and the last one (a brahma) I don't expect will lay until spring!


7 other brahmas in my other patch of ground hatched mid June so now 23 weeks old - all supposed to be buff brahmas, 5 of the 7 are cockerels, and only those are buff! Others are blue and gold but at least look like girls, but doubt they will lay until spring either.


Think I'll be buying eggs for the rest of the winter.... :bang

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Yup buying eggs too! And they're horrible! Must find a farm that is selling free range eggs!

You've only got one life - live it!
No eggs for me either......not buying any,not buying any! (no doubt i will end up buying some)

No eggs since Mid September, bought 1/2 dozen eggs some weeks ago they were so unpopular I ended up throwing the last 3 out a week past their useby date.


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