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pale yolks
One of my two exbatts that I got recently is still laying but the yolks are still very pale and the eggs are not particularly tasty yet.    How long before they start going the golden colour that my other hens lay.      I would have thought it would only take a week or so once they start eating the grass and bits and pieces they can now find now...?

It never worries me when I get a little lost, all I do is change where I'm going
My ex-batts eggs taste okay, but they are larger than average with a smaller yolk - ie lots of white! I tend to keep them for baking with. I know that doesn't answer your question Teazel - merely an observation of mine and ex-batt eggs! Having said that, it does look like that the eggs are becoming more 'normal' sized - I've had them 6 months....


My other problem with the ex-batts was that one would lay a soft shelled egg that would get trodden on and eaten. Since she is not laying at the moment - I'm hoping that things will improve when she comes back into lay.....

I'd give it another week Teazel if they haven't changed colour by then maybe they won't

I'd imagine that it would take quite some time Teazel - they've got to recover, get over the move etc , and they've had nothing but cheap layers up until coming to you.
Id just hang in there a bit longer,let their system regenerate etc.As long as they are getting all the good stuff now,they will soon be on their best performance.

Well the way I look at it is that any egg is a good egg..     especially as its the only one I am getting at the moment    Big Grin
It never worries me when I get a little lost, all I do is change where I'm going

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