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the Faerie's special potion number 1
Just wanted to share a remedy that I like to try to make up every year, please feel free to use (at your own risk), but this is the time of year to go and gather your ingredients. I did a short course on herbal remedies a few years ago, and like to use natural healing herbs where possible, but I am no expert.

This is a recipe I make up as a general tonic to add to the bird's drinking water, or to add to mash, and I usually make up a bic batch and freeze it in ice cube containers, then use one ice cube per water container. It has a high vitamin c content and acts as a great tonic and pick me up, good for sneezies too.


Elderberries, blackberries or any other soft fruit that you can find, but elderberries very good.


garlic, either cloves or dried flakes




oranges and lemons, squeeze juice out and then chop up the rind and add to the cauldron


echinacia (from health food shop)

coltsfoot (health food shop), excellent for persistant coughs in humans too and tastes really nice as coltsfoot rock.....

Put all into a suitably sized cauldron, remove stalks from elderberries as they can make the mixture bitter. Add water if not enough orange/lemon juice, or just use some juice from a carton. Bring to a boil, turn down low and allow to simmer. Kitchen will smell lovely. Allow to cool for a while, then strain, pushing pulp etc through a sieve. Give the lumpy bits to the birds, they love it!

Add a glug of brandy or whisky, cool the fluid and store in the fridge, freezing into ice cubes and keeping for use as required through the winter.

Sorry, can't give exact measurements as will depend on how many berries etc you start off with. This stuff really is good, our humans have it too!

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