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antibiotics and Beryls friendly Bacteria
Well my frizzle named Squizzers has been poorly so I took her to the vet today.   She was prescribed Baytril 2.4 ml twice a day and Beryls Friendly Bacteria once a day.   The Friendly Bacteria stuff says that it doesnt work after being opened after 6 hours.  I am sure the vet said feed it everyday one hour after the antibiotics,  (he was foreign so difficult to understand Big Grin)  So that wont work.   It says feed monthly and the stuff I have feeds 12 chickens, so I could wait until after the 5 day course of antibiotics and then feed them all but the vet said Squizzers needed it every day at least one hour after the antibiotics.    Honestly why is nothing straightforward.......    So what should I do......
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Even more confusing Teazel is that the vet prescribed you Baytril which is no longer considered of any use at all to Poultry and apparently shouldn't be used ! Hope Squizzers gets better with whatever she's having though.

I would go back (or phone) the vet and ask a good English speaker to look at what the 'foreign' vet has prescribed, confirm it is correct (they may not know about Baytril if they're not poultry specialists) and ask them to give you clearer instructions that do not contradict themselves.

I have no patience with incompetent vets and they usually end up knowing it !!
I never make the same mistake twice. I do it at least five or six times, just to make sure !

This is an interesting one! As I understand Baytril (enrofloxacin) was not licenced for use in poultry and as such there were statements that if a chicken was treated with it her eggs should never again be used for human consumption, though this makes absolutely no pharmacological/pharmacodynamic sense as the drug is cleared from the bird after a while. I think it is a ruling aimed at the commercial sector to avoid the development of resistant organisms if used on flocks. It is still an effective broad spectrum antibiotic.
The friendly bacteria I think are the same as I get for my hens, just packaged differently - I buy it as "flightpath", packages aimed at the pigeon keeper market suitable for 50 pigeons, and on advice from the company about right for 12 chickens.
I can see little point in giving the "friendly bacteria" during a course of broad-spectrum antibiotics as many of them (there are multiple species) are likely to be killed by the antibiotic. I can see a lot of sense in giving it after a course of antibiotics, perhaps more than once over a few days as the antibiotic is eliminated to help repopulate the gut with healthy bacteria.
Once you open the pack some of the bacteria will start to lose viability, though I really doubt its that fast seeing as they are supposed to stay viable in water or on food for a decent length of time. Once open I'd keep it dry, sealed, and in the fridge or freezer.

I'm not a vet, so just my personal opinion! (though based on some science).
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