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We're always welcome...
Don't you just love it when the chooks hear you coming and race towards the gates to see what treats you've bought for them ?  They really do seem genuinely pleased to see us don't they ?  Mind had a lovely big salad this afternoon - can't help noticing that the cherry tomatoes are always what they squabble over.  I hung up a whole cauliflower yesterday - what's that game where kids smash a straw donkey apart for the goodies inside ? ......that's what it looked like.  What are your chooks most favourite additions to their diet (excluding meal worms obviously) cos that goes without saying !
I never make the same mistake twice. I do it at least five or six times, just to make sure !

Yes April, you are always guaranteed a warm welcome when they hear you coming.

The favourite of my lot is their breakfast.  My granny kept hens and I have her old black cast iron pan she used to mix up a bran mix.
Every afternoon this pan goes on to an old camping stove in an outbuilding and cut up tattie peelings and cabbage is cooked.  This is then poured into a pail containing wheatflakes and layers mash,  Next morning this is divided into 10 ex plastic Flora containers and everyone is happy  Smile

Then we come indoors, OH has his porridge and I have my cornflakes !!!

De-stress with Poultry - and have the patience of a Broody


Awww sounds fab! Not only do my chooks run whenever they see me - the ones on the livery yard do too! I must remember to take some treats up for them. I didn't know that about tomatoes though - I just threw some out yesterday. They were just slightly soft that's all - but my daughter and I don't eat tomatoes - having said that I should have put them in the soup I'm making now!

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