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Strange object in nest box
I found a strange object in the nest box today, though I vaguely remember seeing something like it in the past.
It's hard and buff/light brown in colour, about 7cm long and 4cm across, hard and oval, though one end has a larger radius than the other.
Anyone any idea what it might be?
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Ah Sutty - you got one too? oh my I did wonder what it was on the floor of the hen house...I wonder if anyone can enlighten us? blink
Well I don't really know what to say.  In all the years of keeping poultry I have never seen these objects so early in the year.
I don't know whether it is climate change or brexit  woot

My objects look remarkably like eggs  Big Grin

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Ive been getting around 6/day all winter so far. Last years pullets doing the honours.
Lucky you k9!! I usually expect my first eggs around Valentine's day - then they really start coming in. Hens are a bit older this year so we'll see....
I know exactly what it is but.……………………….(very short word)……………'ll come to me.....something like 'lash' ?? Yes...….it is a lash.
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