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Keeping my duck pond clean

I have a duck pond that I'm struggling to keep clean. 

I'm thinking about a dirty water pump and an external uv filter but I'm not sure which brand/model would be best, and how to set it up.

Please help!
Try your local aquatic centre,they would be able to help you.
My ducks have Trough and childs paddling pool as well as cat litter trays which i empty and clean/refill daily.
They are messy creatures.
Your pond is lovely for them but I have to agree with K9 that keeping duck water clean is near on impossible. I have a childs sandpit which is situated on a hardstanding rather than with lawn/soft ground round it - this means the area round it stays mud free as there is nothing for them to dabble in and then take in to the water. I also only them access to this when they are free -ranging which is generally only part of each day and on some days they are confined to their enclosure if I am not around. In their enclosure (which has a wood chip surface, rather than grass) I give them a very large drinking bowl and an oversized litter tray for their daily bathing and drinking. These are also positioned on raised 'islands' made from slabs so that very little dirt ends up in the water. I clean and refill the litter tray every other day - a nice quick job using water from my butts or the garden hose if the butts are running low. The issue may of course be the size of ducks because my set-up is for Calls which are small and far less messy than larger breeds but I hope this gives you some ideas.
I never make the same mistake twice. I do it at least five or six times, just to make sure !

I use a large builders trough and a kiddie paddling pool.These are on a raised gravel bed enclosed in railway sleepers,i tip these away everyday,wash and refill. I use the trough as a washing up bowl to wash the kiddie pool and the various cat trays that are dotted about the poultry area.
Hi Marissa C - welcome to the forum! I don't keep ducks but there are a couple of them at the Yard. The owner has a cut off bottom of a plastic barrel that she uses to fill with water - which is set on stone. This is easy to clean out with a nearby hose. The ducks are free range and are remarkably clean (they're white) - and love rainy days!! They do have a large area to free range in so don't make a lot of mess. They're cute - waddling along - I've been tempted...........
Scotsfran...get some,great characters.
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I don't think there is a pump & uv filter that would be any good and they are expensive. A submersible dirty water pump would aid emptying and be much cheaper.
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If I stay in this house for longer than anticipated...I'd be tempted to get a couple of call ducks. I do have a pond here which I'm going to clean out this winter - it's been neglected for 8 years! I've managed to stop leaves going it is 'fairly' clean but plan to put the debris on the edge for a few days to let the wildlife escape and then clear out. Do the ducks need shelter/locked in at night? It is quite a fox proof garden but they could go in with the chickens overnight?
Scotsfran,all mine freerange together and all go in the same shed at night.The ducks are the last in and sometimes need herding in but they go quite willingly.

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