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I usually buy Creocote  the substitute for Creosote for doing fences around the home. I know this is usually around the £11.00 mark. 
A few weeks ago I noticed they had it in a local B&M Bargains store on offer for £5.00. Yesterday I decided I'd go and have another look. There was only one left, as they had changed all the seasonal stuff on that aisle. When I got to the checkout with it I was charged £1.00 for the 4 litres Smile I can't complain at that.  I will look out for this type of offer again next year too.

Just thought I'd pass this on in case you have a similar store near you.  Smile
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£1!!!! I'd buy that even if I didn't need it...
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Wow - that WAS a good buy Zenith!! Pity my B&M store is 40 miles away.....

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