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Funny old day nature wise.
This afternoon chicken starts alarm calling I'm thinking a cat is about braving passing my dogs. Only to spot a large hawk on the conservatory roof chicken pen is next to this. So out I go and it takes flight not to well I thought. A few moments later it is back and crash lands into the pond fence little Yorkshire terrier tries to catch it though the fence wire and it takes flight again. 
We are then sat having our meal and the French bulldog goes ballistic barking at the conservatory perched on the fan we find a collared dove. Now the outside door has a mesh net on it one the dogs can get through and it closes with magnets so how it got through that I don't know. I then have the fun of trying to catch poor dove with a pond net and remove it outside to fly away.
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An eventful day Zenith!
I think life would be very boring without the wildlife.  I am very lucky, because I am very rural there are lots of deer about as well as the usual birds and 4 legged mammals.  We even had a visit from a pine marten last week - just stood there looking at us, looking at him through the back door window Smile

A few weeks back I went outside as there was an alarm noise going on.  I couldn't really see anything - we have a local buzzard which flies about a lot but the hens don't seem to worry about him.  I went on a  walkabout and came to the pen where my one and only campine lives.  I saw her half way up the wire netting and thought she had her claws stuck.  When I got close I realised she was sitting on the floor and the bird that was hanging on the wire netting was a sparrowhawk !!!!  How it got in there I don't know, but as soon as I opened the pen door it flew out and the campine was wondering what all the fuss was about.

We do have a badger that comes for his supper every night also.

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A hawk! How lovely
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I also live in a rural area - I hope never to live in/near a city again! The neighbours garden has a doe and two fawns that visit regularly for the fallen apples. The other neighbour had a sparrowhawk take one of their quail - which didn't go down too well. I've always wanted to see a 'live' hedgehog but have never seen one yet. Nice to see more red squirrels though.

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