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Chickens dropping like flies!
Does anybody have any ideas as to how you can help me?

Last week one of my chickens who was just over a year old looked a bit under the weather on Friday and was dead in the hutch on Saturday morning. There were no obvious symptoms, no dirty bottom, just looked a bit hunched and then dead. This morning a second hen looks exactly the same. She is hunched, lethargic and this time she does have a dirty bottom and I can see her chest moving up and down as she breathes. I am thinking maybe coccidiosis but there is no blood in the poo, just a dirty, slightly green bottom.

I have isolated her and put some apple cider vinegar in her water ( and that of the other girls) but don't know what else I can do to protect my other girls, especially my little bantam chicks that were hatched earlier this year.

Does anybody have any advice?
Have a look here  it may help. I'm sure colloidal silver  may help too.
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I've not had this, but if it is coccidiosis then the link that Zenith gives looks very helpful. I thought it was limited to very young birds but it seems not. Do let us know how you get on PickyP
Sadly number two is dead this morning. I suspected she may be. I am just looking at all the others now hoping nobody else catches it.
I too have only had coccidiosis in youngsters but have treated very successfully with Coxoid - readily available on line. I would err on the side of caution - order for fast delivery and treat remaining birds if you suspect they are even slightly under the weather.
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