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Not so long ago I thought Sparrows were going to become extinct, but this year I have seen an enormous increase in their numbers.
They seem to be everywhere - it is a good job DEFRA can't see the numbers flying in and out of the poultry pens.

We have also had a few birds I seldomn see here, lots of woodpeckers, a few Mistle Thrushes, goldcrests and Jays.
I have noticed this week a sign the weather is changing - a pair of robins - we had 2 pair hopping abouit last winter.

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I have noticed an increase in the amount of starlings about, we rarely see many here. Sparrow numbers seem to be the same here. The gold finch numbers have increased as have the amount of swallows. I think they have raised quite a few young this year judging by the numbers flying about.  Smile
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We have had a green woodpecker around,lovely to hear it.Not heard for a while now so maybe its moved on.
I had a bag of chips for my tea the other night ... just sayin ...

Depends on the sort of sparrows, we've always had planty - mainly because we haven't got a hermetically sealed roof ! Tree sparrows we struggle with and I dont see many at the lotty either ... robins and hedge sparrows a plenty but no other type of spug


The view is much better from the naughty step ... Cool

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