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I would really like a separate hatcher so that I can stagger the eggs in the incubator.  Can't find anything that does the job for small quantities of eggs - certainly can get one if you are hatching hundreds of eggs.  Anyone got such a thing ?  I know the alternative is to have a second incubator and move eggs over for hatching but really thought a separate hatcher was the best idea.
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I have never heard of a hatcher - I only know of incubators...must do a google!!
try something like the old Hovabator I used to get excellent results in that till it fell apart  (its only ploystyrene) but I think if you were to make a wooden box to fit it in it would last longer.


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I use an old incubator as my hatcher. It's an r-com , the turner doesn't work nor does the humidity bit, but the chicks still pop out with no problem
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