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Any of you good folk breeding anything this year?

I've made up my breeding poems but haven't started collecting eggs to go into the incubator yet. My chick shed is full of 'stuff' at the moment so nowhere for electric hens and chicks apart from anything else.

I use an MS incubator (brilliant bit of kit) which is in the house, but my electric hens go into the above mentioned shed.
You've only got one life - live it!
I'm trying to restrain myself this year...I have enough hens and with the house on the market and not knowing where I'll be moving to makes me cautious. Eggy has some eggs 'on the boil' though in an incubator I think?
Gosh! Moving? Mind you with all the snow up there I'm not surprised lol
You've only got one life - live it!
Actually - we had less snow than the rest of the country! Thank goodness we didn't have any trouble getting up to the stables although some drifts were a bit troublesome. Looking for somewhere with land to keep a horse(s)!
Good luck with it Scotsfran
You've only got one life - live it!
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(15-03-2018, 06:42 PM)Squizzers Wrote: ... I've made up my breeding poems

I just swear at mine ... maybe I should try poetry .... chin rofl

the plan is as follows ...

Get a couple of RIR hens from the guy who runs Clem shaws birds and put themin with the LF Rhodebar Male and remaining Female

=Large Rhodebars

Look at getting some andalusian bantams or a Minorca bantam male to go with my two hens = try and create an unrelated strain

Gold Wyandottes ... I like them

Rumpless game - I like them

anything else ...meh


The view is much better from the naughty step ... Cool
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Just Apricot Call Ducks for me this year I think. But hoping to have Shetland eggs available for hatching.
I never make the same mistake twice. I do it at least five or six times, just to make sure !

(17-03-2018, 08:50 AM)Squizzers Wrote: Good luck with it Scotsfran

Many thanks Squizzers - it's only been four years on the market...... Absolultely nothing wrong with the property and garden - both just too big for us!

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