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Dong Tao – A Rare Breed of Chicken in Vietnam
[Image: ga-dong-tao-binh-phuoc.jpg] 

Dong Tao chickens, better known as "Dragon Chickens" are native to Dong Tao Commune in Khoai Chau District. This is a special kind of chicken that looks horribly deformed but they are among the world's most expensive poultry as their huge thighs are a delicacy in Vietnam.

[Image: gia-mua-ban-ga-dong-tao-1.jpg] 

It is very difficult to breed this rare species because they are extremely sensitive to changes of temperature  and weather and tend to lay fewer eggs than common chickens. Their huge legs and feet also make the hatching process more difficult, so more attention is needed from farmers to produce chicks.
[Image: cach-chon-ga-dong-tao-1.jpg] 
[Image: ga_AERZ.jpg]
One word..hideous Sad
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  • zenith
Absolutely grotesque ! Looks like they have a very bad case of scaly leg mites. Nothing attractive about those birds at all - Vietnam can keep 'em.
I never make the same mistake twice. I do it at least five or six times, just to make sure !

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I quite frankly can't see the appeal of breeding these anywhere, but each to their own . They don't look in the best condition, at the expense of breeding deformed legs.
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Certainly not my choice of chicken - but as you say Zenith, each to their own. I wonder how mobile they are?
I wonder how mobile they are? looking at feather loss i would think they spend most of the time sat down.

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