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We are having trouble with rats again.   We are putting all the feed hoppers away at night.   I have moved the guinea pigs into a cage as the rats were eating their food.   They have runs under the paving slabs the houses sit on but dont seem to be living there.  We have caught a few in traps and the cats have left us two dead and one live one in the house.    OH had an infra red camera for Christmas and that shows the little wotsits running around fort knox.   They are also eating the felt in the roof of the barn!
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They are a pain to get rid of, not that I have had any here only mice at times. Keeping the numbers down is all you can do, but at the rate they breed it's a full time job. Difficult when you have pets around as to what bait you use. Is it eradibait that not harmful to pets ?
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We use the kill traps as dont like the thought of the dogs and cats picking up poisoned rats Also I saw one staggering around and didnt like to see it, so feel its better to give them a quick death My daughter uses a bait that is ok even if the pets eat them Apparently they would have to eat a lot before there would be a poblem. I tipped up one of the houses today and found an empty nest and two rats ran off. Unfortunately I didnt have the terrier or a cat with me!
It never worries me when I get a little lost, all I do is change where I'm going
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im using iradibait at the moment but not sure how effective its being. they are not eating much of it.
full on full time job with them. mad
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We have plenty mice here, but hopefully not rats - who knows?! Horrible creatures. Good luck with getting rid of them!

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