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How early do you hatch?
I'm planning to hatch some more brahmas this spring. I have hatched quite late sometimes (October), so was just curious how early in the year people have had decent hatch rates (without artificial light to encourage the birds). I've previously waited until there are lots of eggs, rather than using early ones. I'm tempted to try as soon as enough eggs being laid and I see the cocks are treading the hens. Of course hatching early or late theoretically has the advantage of selecting for birds that lay for a longer "season".
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Cant help you there.
Squizzers is the one to ask.
I don't bother till April at the earliest but my mate will have chicks in January - he keeps orloffs and they're slow to develop and he shows, I don't show so not so important for me.


The view is much better from the naughty step ... Cool
I'm of no help as I wait till one of my hens go broody but that isn't until July. I think I could do to be hatching earlier in the year though and now that I have an incubator, I could.
I won't be hatching anything until I am sure we're not in for another dose of AI. Have had a tip off that it's on it's way unfortunately. Won't risk having lots more birds needing indoor housing.
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i have 6 araucana and 6 wyandotte in the incubator at the moment. so ? excited
Good luck with the hatch sofie2meg - when are they due??

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