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compacted crop PLEASE HELP
Hi all

One of my hens seem to have this.  I have searched and read the other threads re compacted crop but none seem exactly the same so I thought I would ask opinions.

So history is that she had what I thought was hiccups from mid week (although not all the time) Before that she had really runny poo and I had them on morning mash with bio yog in the hope of clearing it.  On Saturday I noticed that her crop looked deformed.  I tried massaging it yesterday.  Today I have segregated her and when massaging this morning syringed some water in to her.  I have not given her any food today at all.  Tonight the crop was slightly less big.  Again water and massaging.  This does seem to leave her gasping for air.

Is avipro any good.  Different websites say different things - like starving but she is one of my new thuringians and not big to start with I really do not want to leave her another day without food but then if nothing is getting past her crop then she will die anyway I suppose.  Her poo today is not so bad so something is getting through.

I have had a hen with sour crop before and I have tipped the hen up to try and make her "be sick" which has worked for that but this doesn't seem to be advised for compacted crop

Please help.
Stop syringing water in to her. You may be letting it down in to her lungs rather than her crop. The best remedy I found for impacted crop was to fed live (un-dyed) maggots - available from hunting/shooting/fishing type shops. Do not give any other food as it will continue to solidify. Feed 6 -7 maggots several times a day - you may need to open her beak and put them down her throat to start with but once they reach the crop (they will still be alive) and they will start to eat the impacted food. Once the crop feels normal or empty again, start feeding as normal.
I never make the same mistake twice. I do it at least five or six times, just to make sure !

Thanks April - from solid I think it might now be sour crop as very squidgy although no smell - is your advice now the same - other advice does seem to say compacted usually turns to sour - no chance of getting maggots for a few days if so
is anything coming out if you tip her up.? if not then i would go down the maggot route.
pity you dont live near,we have gallons of them in the shop,
If the crop is still not empty, I would go down the maggot route for a couple of days. I have never had impacted crop turn to sour crop using the maggot method. Interestingly, I have had no deaths due to impacted crop but have lost one after treating (as you are describing) for sour crop. Bird just went down hill after initially picking up and starting to eat again and died about 2 weeks later.
I never make the same mistake twice. I do it at least five or six times, just to make sure !

Some strange places sell maggots, eg Decathlon sports stores as well as many local fishing stores.
Never forget that life is a finite resource.

Experience is something you gain just after you needed it most.
I'm of no help - but interesting reading!! Hope you manage to find maggots Sparky, and that your girl recovers

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