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Your thoughts please
I am about to segregate a trio of SLW to start collecting up eggs for hatching.  However, I really want to be able to keep the good relationship between the SLW cockerel and the elderly Shetland boy who normally live together.  To try to reduce any aggression I was considering taking the SLW out of the segregation area late each afternoon and allowing him back in with the other birds for roosting.  Each morning, I would then catch him up and pop him back in with his 2 hens for the daytime (to do his business).  This way he keeps in contact with the Shetland for a part of each day and over night.  Can anyone see a problem with this ?  The last time I separated 2 cocks that had been living in the same pen, I wasn't able to reintroduce them as they fought really badly and I had to cull one of them.  Don't want that to happen again so thought this may be the answer.  What do you all think ?
I never make the same mistake twice. I do it at least five or six times, just to make sure !

I think at this time of the year two cockerels together can be trouble and if he has been with his girls all day it might increase that risk. Difficult one.
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Worth a try. Would they be only separated by a mesh fence? - that might help to keep them used to each other being there. Also I suspect having the SLW boy in with the hens for just a few hours each day would be enough for fertility, so the two cocks could be together for much of the day.
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Exactly my thoughts Sutty. He's only having to deal with 2 ladies so surely he doesn't need to be with them 24/7. And Yes, its just a run of spare electric fence between them so they can be up close and personal if they want to. The SLW tends to be respectful of my old Shetland and gives him a wide birth and accepts a telling off from him when he is rude to the ladies so I am hoping this will work. By the way sold a lovely pair of your Brahmas last weekend to a very nice chap with ex-batts and Light Sussex. Brilliant cos I only got one cockerel from your eggs so no need to do any culling !
I never make the same mistake twice. I do it at least five or six times, just to make sure !

Sounds like you have come up with the best plan April Smile although as Auntsally  says it can be trouble if it doesn't work out. I hope everything goes well for you. Nothing to lose really and worth a try.
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Good luck - hope it all works out!
I did this a few years back.  The two pens I used were next to each other just divided with mesh.  The cockerel I wanted in with the harem I just put in every other day and everything worked out fine ..... with eggs and boys  Smile

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You almost lost me there.     I have a Silkie and a Pekin cockerel in with the girls and the Silkie is quite sneaky and manages to mate  a hen before the Pekin notices.   He then scarpers and waits for another opportunity!!

Sounds like you have a cunning plan April  Big Grin
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