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DEFRA Update
Have just checked the Defra website for an update and it looks like they are dividing the Country up into areas of high risk.  Provided you are not in one of those - you can choose to allow your birds back out on the 28th Feb provided you follow enhanced bio-security measures.  There is an interactive map to see if you are in one of the high risk areas.  I am outside by nothing more than a well-aimed spit !
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I'm luckily just in between high risk areas. They seem to have coastal areas and large bodies of water that have large populations of wildfowl as high risk areas. I guess these are on migratory routes. Fingers crossed many birds can be let out after the 28th.
We are within 300yds of the salt marshes, high risk area. Oh bother!!
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My area is in white so I'd say clear of the zones, but not too far away. Smile
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I have 2 flocks. The garden birds are in a greatly extended run covered with tarpaulin, I'll probably leave them in there for another few weeks. Second (breeding) flock are under a huge net (best I can realistically do), that will stay for longer.
These measures cost me about £400+ as one of my neighbours said - "that's a lot of eggs!"!
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Mine will be let out at the end of next weekend - I promised them today that this is the last of the clean-outs before they can 'go-free'. They look filthy and I so want to see them standing looking bedraggled in the pouring rain cos I know they'll be lovely and clean afterwards. Really had enough of this - will comply with heightened bio-security obviously but otherwise I'm letting them back out in to their run.
I never make the same mistake twice. I do it at least five or six times, just to make sure !

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Our local poultry show this month was cancelled and the Rare Breeds auction in March has been cancelled.  This includes cattle, sheep, goats etc. Sad

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I seem to be in the Proposed Higher Risk Area, pink!
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