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lovely lunch
Met up with Lass and the kids in Canterbury for a spot of shopping and lunch yesterday.  Very nice and very festive.  Spent two hours gossiping and sharing Christmas plans in a very nice Pastie café.  Canterbury is brilliant at Christmas - lots of market stalls and street entertainers (some rather better than others I have to say) !  Lass is understandably relieved that she is currently chicken-less - missing them - but the whole avian flu thing in the winter and the problems we all had with red mite in the summer is enough to put anyone off.
I never make the same mistake twice. I do it at least five or six times, just to make sure !

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It was lovely to catch up with you April. We had a great day.

I do hope the avian flu situation improves for you all. I so miss having chickens but as April says, right now it's a bit of a relief not to have all the worries and extra work that you all have at the moment.
Sorry I missed the lunch, blame OH for giving me his rotten bug Sad
It never worries me when I get a little lost, all I do is change where I'm going

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