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male chicks
I have just signed a petition to stop male chicks being ground up or sufficated alive.    I was just wondering if anyone else had heard of this?    The photo really upset me and I can't understand how a supposedly civilised country would allow such things.   Apparently Germany have just made it illegal.  I am  not going to post the photo, because I am hopeless at posting them still, but also because it is a really horrid photo  and I cant get the image out of my mind Sad
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I did always wonder what happened to all the male chicks that must be born - if you think of all the females that are kept for egg production...... Cry
I did see a very inhumane way of dealing with them in a factory environment which was horrific in this day and age and I'm not going to post the video link to it . It was disgusting, very cruel and there was no other excuse for it . Angry
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Yes, I am aware of the way male chicks are dealt with - and we criticise other countries for some of their animal welfare abuses ! Sorry you've been upset Teazel - unfortunately, you need to be careful about the stuff you look at on line cos you can't 'un-see' it. I get sent through loads of under cover videos from PETA and other organisations like them - they are very graphic and often repetitive so I feel there is no need to watch them anymore. I'm not stupid I can fully imagine the horror of a lot of the stuff they send through to me. I haven't been sent the petition you have referred to but no doubt it is on it's way. I'll sign it of course but won't open the pictures/video.

As a further point - it really makes me worry about the sort of people who don't mind working in that type of environment. I appreciate that people need to earn a living but if you really don't mind throwing live animals into a mincer machine, there has got to be something wrong with you. If workers refused to do it, methods would have to change surely ?
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This is a really difficult issue. Everyone on this forum is well aware that unfortunately on average half of chicks hatched will be male and unfortunately it isn't feasible to keep them all.
So once we have accepted the need to cull male chicks the debate is about the most humane way to do it.
Many of us on here deal with excess males by "cervical dislocation" eg broomstick technique. I understand this is an approved way of dealing with small numbers of birds. It basically pulls the brain-stem out of the brain and disrupts blood flow to the brain. Death is pretty instantaneous.
The "macerator" machines used in some commercial areas are two cylinders with meshed teeth (like long cylindrical cogs), spinning at high speed, and chicks are dropped into them and pretty much instantaneously pulped. This will cause instant death (even faster than cervical dislocation) as the brain is completely disrupted. It instinctively seems a horrible thing, but I do think it is a humane method.
I don't know which "suffocation" method you are referring to so can't really comment, but death from lack of oxygen (but still able to breathe) as might happen breathing pure nitrogen, is normally not associated with distress if the gas breathed is odourless & non irritant. I have met researchers who have lost consciousness from breathing in low oxygen environments (deliberately), and have breathed low oxygen levels myself to the point of being unable to write or coordinate properly (not far from loss of consciousness), and can report that it is not unpleasant - in fact many people feel euphoric.
My experience was with an altitude chamber where the air pressure was reduced from 8000 feet equivalent pressure to 25000 feet equivalent pressure in a few seconds, but breathing low oxygen gas mixtures has exactly the same effect.
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These were put in plastic bags and suffocated or dropped feet first into what I suppose was the macerator, but it certainly didnt look instantaneous to me. Sad I thought they were usually gassed as a friend of mine used to collect them for her zoo and one recovered on the way so she kept it.
It never worries me when I get a little lost, all I do is change where I'm going
Oh Teazel...that is horrible. I too thought they were gassed painlessly. It is a horrible side of eggs unfortunately...I had an interesting discussion with a vegetarian friend who was against killing animals for her food but eats eggs. She was lecturing me so I asked her about the male chicks and culling battery hens....
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I can't watch those videos, you can't unsee them. I believe that there aren't really any humane ways of dispatching commercial birds, male chcicks, female spent birds, broilers. It's all unpleasant.
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