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Hurt foot/leg
Hi all

Our 4 year old Wyandotte has hurt her leg.  She seems to limp, can't put weight on it and then just flops down.  Our immediate thought was mereks but we are going off this thought now (we had our first lot of hens die with this over 10 years ago and think we know the signs).  I am wondering if it is just a sprain or something.  No swelling though, toenails seem intact.  She is eating and drinking and moving around but lots of just flopping.

As usual this is just as we are about to go on holiday.

So I did wonder about taking to the vets but our holiday is imminent and getting the right vet is slow work at our vets practice and I do worry about the stress of taking an already unwell hen to the vets.  Second option is isolation but again sometimes I think the stress of separating them does harm and especially when she is already stressed for pain.  So she is in the run with the others which is not huge (but perfectly fine for 4 hens).

Basically if she does not look like she is getting better by tomorrow night then we will have to put her to sleep as we cannot leave an unwell hen to a neighbour.  Of course, if it is just a strain then she could recover but we don't have time to see. 

I have 2 full days at work and not much chance to spend with the hens now but can I give a hen a bit of an asprin or something which might help with the pain tonight when I get home? 

Bumbling about in my mind now not knowing the best thing to do - leaving her and hoping or ending her suffering now.
If she is eating and drinking - I'd be tempted to give it 24 hours and see how it goes? I was asked to check a chicken a few months as it's owner noticed it not putting weight on one leg and wondered if she had broken it (me being a physio  roll eyes )  - I thought the leg wasn't broken, but did some gentle stretches and showed the owner what to do - and she is now fine. The hen has now been named after me  Big Grin
thanks Scotfran - she has until tomorrow night
We had a bird who would from time to time lose the use of her legs then after a few hours lay an egg. Then get up and be fine again. Has she layed recently?
Today is the First Day of the rest of our lives.
If she is managing to get around I would be tempted to leave her. Would the neighbour be willing to take to the vets to be PTS if she then can't get around? There are so many things that can make them lame!
Never forget that life is a finite resource.

Experience is something you gain just after you needed it most.
Thank you for your replies.

No not laid recently but they have all been in moult. I worry about leaving this to my neighbour and about putting on her when she is so good to us although she has experience of farm animals and could put a hen to sleep herself. It's not that so much as the fact that the hens will only be looked at first thing in the morning when she gives them fresh water and tops their food up. In the evening she will simply be shutting the pop hole. So she won't be having much interaction with them or enough to see whether Myrtle is getting better or worse.

Saying that I am sure I saw improvement this morning. Last night I put some mash down which she was really keen on so she has a good appetite still which I think is a good sign, mash meant food and liquid so I was happy about that. She is managing even to get up the ladder to the house but lots of flapping of wings for balance. This morning I am sure she was a bit more mobile although my husband said that he didn't think so and that I need to prepare myself as he won't leave this to the neighbour.

I feel sick that we may put Myrtle to sleep just because we are going on holiday and can't give her a few more days.
A hard decision to make, although she does sound a bit better today. How long are you away for?
16 days - this is the safari holiday that has been booked since last October - so I should be so excited but this is just really holding me back
If she has farm animal experience I would ask her, remember she will be less emotionally attached to your birds, so doing the deed less of a stress if needed. It would be a shame if she is starting to get better and its a reversible condition. If she's getting up the ladder then there's a reasonable hope - it would be different if she wasn't managing to get around.
Never forget that life is a finite resource.

Experience is something you gain just after you needed it most.
Ah yes, I think I remember you mentioning the safari in an earlier post Sutty - is this the one that you were looking for a camera for? Hope that Myrtle has continued to improve and that you don't have to worry about her!
why do these things always happen when we are about to go away. Murphy's Law and all that. Whatever you decide to do, try and put it out of your mind and have a fabulous holiday.
It never worries me when I get a little lost, all I do is change where I'm going

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