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Dead chicken - looking for clues
Hi all
Not been on for a while – go to work, get home and do the chores, weekend more chores and so life goes on.  Anyway I hope you are all well and enjoying the “summer”.  Well at least we have had a couple of nice days recently.
We brought 2 new girls (sabelpoots) home on 30 April aged 17 weeks.  It took a while for them to be accepted (in fact it took nearly 2 months which was longer than I’ve ever known hens to accept others) but they got there in the end.  On Saturday we noticed that Betty didn’t look all that clever.  Tail feathers down, hunched up (that little old lady look).  However she was still eating, drinking and most important in my eyes laying which she carried on doing right up to yesterday. 
At first when I saw her (Saturday) I thought she was egg bound having not had an egg on the Friday and started her on cod liver oil which I hoped might move things along but it turned out not to be this when she laid.  Yesterday she seemed to have trouble walking, sometimes seeming to trip over.  She took herself off to bed and on the perch but when we looked later she had fallen off, was on her back with her legs in the air.  We put her in the nest box but she did eventually jump back on the perch.
This morning more of the same but no interest in food or drink and not moving and she has now gone to chicken heaven at age 29 weeks (OH had to do the deed).
I just can’t work out what went wrong.  I checked Betty’s legs and comb for mites etc/checked vent/checked legs/checked crop/weight/wormed just after we got them – all seemed as they should be.
The others are all as perky as normal.
Any ideas?
Really sorry to hear that, Sometimes these things happen and we never know why but its very sad. Glad the others are ok tho.
It never worries me when I get a little lost, all I do is change where I'm going
maybe just one of those things,not something you did/didnt do.Just not meant to be.
shame when they go so young.Have you contacted the breeder?
yes I have contacted the breeder - not to pass any blame because we have had her for nearly 3 months and the other one we got is fine but I did think they ought to know.

Lucky enough they are fully integrated and the other young one seems fine and not missing her buddy at all.

Hopefully it is just one of those things - I've always been able to put a symptom before which makes it a bit easier to cope with the loss. Of course we keep checking the remaining chickens just in case now - slightly paranoid that they are all going to come down with whatever it was.
Mareks? or might be a genetic abnormality as she reached puberty?
If they can be taught to hate, they can be taught to love.
I hope not mereks - we were unlucky to have this when we got our first chickens over 10 years ago. Others seem fine. As for reaching puberty - does this mean laying? If so she had been laying for the last month.

Just something bad inside of her I am hoping (although I am keeping a careful eye on the others)

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