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bleeding toe nail
Hi everyone,
I need a bit of help, I cut one of my hens toe nails only the tip but it won't stop bleeding  Sadanything I can do ???By the way I'm EmeraldChick but couldn't get in under the name so had to make a new account. It's those boxes with the funny letters  Huh
Corn flour will or should stop the bleeding. Welcome back too Fran should be able to help reconnect you with your old account
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Thanks a million, I have put the sticky part of a plaster over it and I think it may have stopped fingers crossed. I knew there was some type of powder substance involved so I put baby powder on it which DIDN'T work Smile(I've lost the smilies) I have a headache now as I started to panic I thought she was going to bleed to death !!! The new forum looks great but as usual I haven't got a clue what I'm doing with computers which is half the reason for the new accountSmile
Welcome back
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Many powders will work, cornflour good, ordinary flour, turmeric is supposed to work well.
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Thanks for all the replies that is good to know about the flours!Tumeric chicken mmm tasty!! Big Grin  It's nice to be back I have to drop in more often!Lucky you  chickenmum off to sunny destinations for a month ,how lovely! woot
Pottasium Permanganate crystals from the chemist always do the trick for any bleeding toenails.
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(05-04-2016, 03:36 PM)zenith Wrote: Corn flour will or should stop the bleeding. Welcome back too Fran should be able to help reconnect you with your old account

Hi buffybuffy/EmeraldChick - good to see you back here! Would you like to go back to being EmeraldChick or stay as you are? Do let me know - I'm sure we can fix you up!
Glad you are back, cant help with toenail, I just spray with purple spray.
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Good to see you back Emeraldchick. Like Teazel I just cover everything in purple spray. Me as well normally.. mad.
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welcome back.I use cornflour.
Thanks everyone, she's ALIVE this morning woot still with the bit of sticky plaster on her so it must have stopped the bleed. Will use cornflour the next time but won't be cutting her nails any time soon. You are all lucky over there being able to get bits for your hens ie: purple spray and stuff, it's not catered for in the city here I'd have to travel to the country to get stuff for farm animals so any thing available in chemists or supermarkets is what I use. They're all 8 years now and the only thing I really deal with is bumblefoot on one of them which I do myself and she is  right as rain after!Mind you the two heavier birds I think have arthritis do they get arthritis??Hi scotsfran if you can put me back to EmeraldChick that would be great I tried again yesterday I think my password is too short and I tried going through the links but was unsuccessful, maybe my password is wrong I'm very  confused Huh
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