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Any ideas? I've noticed over the last couple of days a noise coming from one of my hens. Yesterday I thought one had been pecked and 'yelped' to get away. I looked more closely today..and one is gaping at times, with the noise - cough/sneeze - as well. I felt her throat and there is a movable lump - but I don't know if this is normal? (ie do hens have voice boxes like us?) The noise is happening from every 30 secs to being quiet for quite a while. She is eating fine and running around with the rest of the flock.

Any ideas what this could be and are there any precautions I should take? I don't have any 'chicken meds' here.
I occasionally get one that makes a sort of yelping noise, usally when they are breathing in. It normally goes away, but never felt for a lump. Not sure a out the cough/sneeze though. All you can do I suppose is keep an eye on her. Sorry cant be more help.
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I guess it IS more of a yelp rather than a cough/sneeze - will keep an eye on her
Respite is very good for coughs/sneezes at this time of year. Add to the drinking water (I have the dilutions if you need it).
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Sounds like she is 'snicking' and usually donates a chest infection of some sort. Respite which April suggested is excellent, but I'd you haven't got that crush up a bit of garlic and add to the drinking water.

Try and keep her out of draughts but with plenty of fresh air. Hopefully it will pass.
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