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What is wrong with Daisy?
I am posting this on behalf of Pumpkin and Pollo.

Any thoughts on the symptoms of Daisy? Small to empty crop at night for the last few nights. Small appetite. But does eat sweetcorn when given. Drinks a lot. White watery projectile poop with small amounts of darker poop (sorry for poop descriptions).
Not too bad in herself, just quiet. Red comb. Not laid for 2 weeks. It's very cold with snow here. Her and her friends are in large dog cages in our garage but it started before I brought them in.
Wormed last October with flubenvet. I have some ivermectin but concerned I could overload her system if I give it to her. 
Unfortunately the roads are icy so I won't be able to get to the vet until Tuesday at the earliest . She is 3 years old. I have put probiotics in her water. 
She had bright green poop this morning which I heard was bile from not eating much. ?
Thanks so much for posting for me. I'm fully logged back on. Any thoughts on Daisy's symptoms are appreciated. Thanks all.
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Just wondered how old she is? If she was wormed as long ago as October I would have thought you could have given her some Ivormectin. Was she laying before she got poorly? Did you check she didnt have an egg broken inside her? You could try some scrambled egg or cat food, that often perks them up. But it doesnt sound good I must admit Sad

Presumably she is still drinking. Anyway sorry cant be more help, good luck with her
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If she's drinking well as you say I wouldn't worry to much. Water is more important than food, any tonic or such you can add to the water may help whilst you wait for the snow and ice to clear.
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Thanks all. Hi Teazel, she stopped laying about a week before I noticed it. She did a huge egg, then a tiny egg, then another huge one, then stopped. I have had a feel and I can't see anything obvious in that area. She does keep her tail down when roosting, but it has been very cold. I will do the ivermectin if it continues. She became a little poorly after I administered it last year so I am cautious on giving it to her. The others were all fine when they had it but could of been a coincidence with her.

Hi Zenith, I'm so pleased she is drinking. I will keep up the water probiotics. Although everything seems to be going straight through her. I gave her some Poultry cell by mouth which is vitamins and minerals and smells like Marmite. That came out a short time after.

Oddly enough, I just noticed an old post of mine. She was doing a similar thing last February, although her stools were runny not white. I took her to the vet then but it seemed to clear up by itself.

The sun is coming out and the snow is melting. I will put them back in their run today when the sun hits it. I expect they all want a dust bath.

She had a peck at her flock mate last night which I will take as a good sign. She's still feeling feisty.

Thanks again, I will let you know how she gets on.

Just an update, it's a dust bathing frenzy. If they could talk the would be oohing and arring. Daisy included. Just waiting for the dust to settle before I can put the water in.
Chickens - always looking for new ways to train their owners
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Sounds a little bit positive I think? Hope the improvement continues.
Sorry I'm so late getting to this post but great that she is drinking. It could be any number of things especially at this time of the year. I would be inclined to continue what you are doing and see how she goes.
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Hope she's ok J. X
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Thanks again. I have found out that, meal worms, kale and sweetcorn are what she will eat and a few crumbs of layer pellets. I'm bringing them back in the garage tonight as its going to be cold again but mild in the day, so I can put them back out. I have requested to go in to work late as the roads are going to ice tonight. This also gives me time to make sure she eats before I go to work.
Chickens - always looking for new ways to train their owners
Fingers crossed
It never worries me when I get a little lost, all I do is change where I'm going
My recent post about Aviguard/Flightpath may be worth a read
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How is Daisy today?
Thanks Sutty, that's very interesting. When I'm back to UK in May, I'm going to order some.

When I got home from work she seemed quite perky. Her crop had a half golf ball size to it. She gobbled up some Kale and mealworms. I'm not sure what her stools are like but I have put some kitchen roll underneath her to see what comes out over night.

Thanks for your help and concerns.
Chickens - always looking for new ways to train their owners
sounding positive..
I'm sorry I'm useless with advice but what a great bunch we have on here - advice at your fingertips.

Hope you girl continues to improve
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