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Aviguard/Flighpath gut health product - worked brilliantly!
I thought people might be interested in this product which I tried for the first time about 6 weeks ago.
Basically it is a freeze dried sachet of normal avian "gut flora", ie the friendly bacteria normally present in the bowels of healthy birds. As I understand the bacteria were originally isolated from healthy birds, and are now grown commercially in big fermentation-type vessels, quality controlled, and then freeze dried to produce the product.
Apparently they have been shown to reach the bowel when birds eat them on feed or drink them in water (the recommended methods of administration, and can help to out-compete nasties like e. coli and salmonella. Good for re- colonising the gut with good bacteria after illness or antibiotic use. The Flightpath product is aimed at the pigeon keeping fraternity, but emails with the (very helpful) people at the company confirmed it is the same product as Aviguard (aimed at commercial chicken flocks) but packaged in smaller quantities. They also said that a sachet for 50 pigeons is about right for 12 chickens, though higher doses are not a problem.
Anyway - I'd been aware of the product for a year or two but not used it. Then my brahma flock all got diarrhoea. They still seemed healthy otherwise so I waited, hoping it would clear naturally. They were still all having very watery diarrhoea after about 3 weeks or so, so I ordered 6 sachets of Flightpath. In the meantime one bird got sick and died (though may be unrelated). Anyway I dosed them all with 2 sachets of the product mixed in some vegetable oil and used to coat some seed. Within 2-3 days they were all producing normal poop! and have stayed fine since - I only wish I'd used it earlier. I now have a box with the rest of the sealed sachets in the back of the fridge, and plan to use it every 1-2 months.
I also think that if it reduces the chance of a salmonella outbreak it is worth it, especially as I sell some of my eggs.

Details of the company's website here

I have no connection with the company by the way!
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