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ive been hatching gold penciled Hamburghs and Black Hamburghs in Bantam , hatched golds to carry on my Best hens line and to replace my cockerel that the gander killed to go in with my other 4 Gold penciled Hens , hatched Blacks as there are not very many on the show circuit up here in Scotland and would love for people to see them with their amazing green sheen and fantastic red combs and lovely white ear lobes... and for the fact the show scene seems to be saturated with Gold Pencil's at moment - i can normally tell which will be cockerels by the time they are one week old - they then get blue leg rings and pullets get yellow so far this year im about 80% right (work in progress).

I also hatched out 8 Cream crested Legbars , but i am not 100% on their purity as a few have very scarce markings , but i do have a few that are lovely and have striking markings - think i have 6 girls 2 boys - both of which have homes

and to the question of where do the excess males go - mine go to the local hawk man - he collects them at night to stop them stressing out so much , and he dispatches when he gets back , he then freezes them for 2 weeks to kill off any potential nasties .

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