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Feed Price Watch
CountryWide stores

have a special offer on Layers pellets and Mixed corn (3/9/07)

2 X 25kg bags for £10s
[quote name='Squizzers']Was appalled when I went into Jolleys today to get layers pellets! £6.99 for 20kg!Confusedcared::angry: I am sure that I only paid about £5.40 for a bag back in October! that is outrageous![/QUOTE]

yesyou did so did i
[quote name='Squizzers']Stalosan F can be bought from any place that stocks horse feed as the horsey people like to use it in their stables. It's expensive but a little goes a long way, so it last a while. I would be wary of using lime as it can burn the chickens feet.

You can also buy it on the internet.[/QUOTE]

thank you for that info
I rang my poultry feed place today to reserve a bag of 20kg organic pellets, he told me its had yet another price increase. (every bag I get its gone up, each time).. Today's price .. I hope your sitting down.. £11.80. I queried if the increase rate matches the non organic, and he said it generally goes up in large increments.
Gosh bhindi that's is steep,I know ordinary layers have gone up here but not to that degree RIP OFF springs to mind: but with fuel increases everything goes up.:thumbdown:
CHUCKLERS RULE THE ROOST - Dave. Zen Seeker of The Board. rabbit run
Picked up two bags of Layers Pellets from the vet farm store on Saturday - just standard 20 kg bags - £14 so £7 each here too.
20kg Layer Pellets - £7.45 from local pet shop. Next time i need feed im going to look around first.
Our loacl petshop is selling

Dodson and Horrell Layer pellets for £6.49 for 20kg

D & H mixed corn £7.99 for 20kg

is this about right? and what would you be feeding 8 week perkins as i notice the layer pellets said from three weeks before POL
Countrywide charged me £8.75 for a sack of chic crumb, thats the last bag I buy from them.

Found it at £7 from farm supplier, £6 for layers.

mo4, they'll be wanting growers pellets.
local small farm feed merchant in Shawell between Rugby & Lutterworth just off the A5

Farmgate layers pellets £6 chick crumb £7 20kg

If anyone local wants contact details PM me
Not good I'm afraid, 8 weeks ago I bought layers for £5.90 and today it was £7.10!!!!!!
Here in doncaster i pay £9.65 for my layer pellets and £8.20 for mixed grain both were around 6 pound six month agoConfusedcared:
£6.75 from R E Farm shop in Derby, mixed corn is about the same...
Confusedcared: South Coast, Sack of Organic Marriages Layers Pellets: £10.50.Confusedcared:
Millers at Much Poole Nr Preston, Lancs

Layer Pellets £5.80 for a 20kg bag (as at 10/5/08)

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