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Eggs on grass!
Hi there. Our new bantoms have been with us for a week. One is laying in the nest box and the others are laying on the grass. Have you any suggestions as to how we can encourage them to lay in the nest box?

pop some rubber eggs in the nest box and they'll soon get the idea.  Wink

Oh bless them,some chooks do take a bit longer to know where to lay.Is it possible to provide another laying area for them.some chooks prefer to lay where other hens dont (fickle!!)

But as said above,if you leave some eggs in the nest box for a day or so,they will see where its done.

Brilliant! Thank you! I will get some tomorrow. Xx
Quote:Brilliant! Thank you! I will get some tomorrow. Xx
If you have enough normal chook eggs,just use a couple of those and mark them so that you know which are the older eggs.
I sometimes find eggs lying on the grass, I reckon mine get caught short!!

It never worries me when I get a little lost, all I do is change where I'm going
I've noticed that too!  If you mark the eggs be sure it's with something that doesn't come off easily!  I found this out to my cost when trying to distinguish between old and newly laid eggs under a broody.............

I would also check the house and nest boxes for lice etc. just in case


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