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Imaginary eggs - Sutty - 09-09-2013

My supposed shetland girl (looks like a white sussex cross with a tappit!), was my best layer until a few months ago, then she just stopped.

Now she regularly goes to the nestbox and sits (on other eggs) for a while, as if laying, but no eggs!

Anyone any idea what is going on? Is she ever likely to lay again?

Imaginary eggs - Sparky - 09-09-2013

well mine sit on no eggs when they are broody but it's quite obvious they are broody so that doesn't sound like your trouble.  How old is she?  Mine all seem to have given up laying at the moment - 2 are in moult - one seems to be permanently broody and the other one I think is on the old side so only produces a couple of eggs at the start of the year for us. 

Imaginary eggs - Teazel - 09-09-2013

You sure its not Oddball's long lost cousin Big Grin

Imaginary eggs - Sutty - 09-09-2013

She's about 18 months old I think. Seems otherwise healthy.

Imaginary eggs - moola - 09-09-2013

I reckon she's going to lay soon.... Some of mine have done that when they have come back into lay.

RE: Imaginary eggs - Sutty - 08-05-2016

Came across this (my) old thread today.
Pretty sure she has not laid anything since, but still sits in the nestbox fairly regulary!
Chickens are odd creatures! :-)

RE: Imaginary eggs - scotsfran - 09-05-2016

Wow..not heard of that in a chicken...although I suppose I've not checked!

RE: Imaginary eggs - Squizzers - 09-05-2016

Lol none so strange as chooks!