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Empty Nest ! - april - 22-07-2019

So this weekend saw all my little Call Ducks go off to their new homes.  I have to say, I had the most amazingly nice people apply for them - I advertised them when they first hatched and asked applicants to reserve what they would prefer.  All but one of these applicants waited the full 7 weeks before they were ready (and had been sexed) and I think they all got the sexes they wanted.  I was really lucky in that I had many more females than drakes so was able to sell mostly trios.  One lovely family of 6 came for their pair but ended up having a second pair as well (which did knock the last person off the waiting list).  Nice to have my garden almost back to normal with my original gang of 5 plus an extra Drake that I kept to replace the one snatched by the miserable fox a few weeks ago.  Almost all of this years Shetland Poultry have gone too, except for several cockerels that I am hanging on to for a while longer in case I get anyone contact me for one.  I'm also keeping a new cockerel and am blowed if I can decide which one yet, so these lucky boys get a bit longer before they have to be dealt with.

RE: Empty Nest ! - scotsfran - 23-07-2019

Sounds like a very successful venture April!!! I'm about to be moving home so the new people are inheriting my girls and boy. They have never had chickens before but they are a lovely family and dad has obviously been studying about the care of chickens - he asked all the right questions! I got my first ever chickens when I was five, until we moved when I was ten. Then I got chickens when I was 50 and now we are moving and I have to leave them behind - again! Oh well.....

RE: Empty Nest ! - april - 24-07-2019

Oh dear SF that is a shame. I am assuming there are no plans to keep poultry at your new home then ?