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Met up with K9 - april - 18-06-2019

Met up with K9 on Friday in Norfolk to hand over 7 Shetlands.  Was so lovely to see her (and her Mum and Dad) who came along for the ride.  We met at the Pub my relatives and I were staying in for the weekend and K9 stopped for a lovely lunch.  She is very well and is sorry that she still seems unable to access the forum - hopefully this will be resolved at some point.  She seemed very happy with her new birds and they all arrived home safely and are now settling in to their new home.

RE: Met up with K9 - zenith - 18-06-2019

I have seen the photo's of the Shetlands settling in.  Smile I hope k9 finds her way back at some point.

RE: Met up with K9 - Teazel - 21-06-2019

I still have my black Shetland. how old is she now April? We are enjoying our get together but missed you April. Choccy, Squizzers, Caroline and Mia and Me send our love.xxxx

RE: Met up with K9 - april - 21-06-2019

Wow.....now you're asking me T. Old is the best I can come up with ! Sorry I couldn't make it this time. Love to everyone and see you for the 'C' word get together !! XX