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Rats - Sutty - 23-03-2019

Have been having a problem with rats in my chicken run, feeding on feed the chickens scatter (I suspect the bigger ones at least can get into the treadle feeders too). Tried live traps with limited success, snap-traps under cover, poison bait boxes which worked at first but then were ignored. Was getting desperate!
In typical over-kill manner as I usually do, I recently bought an air rifle with telescopic sights and a red lamp. Practiced until confident of a head-shot at 10m. Over a couple of nights the score is 5 rats dead, Probably a much cleaner quicker death than poison too. You do have to be careful to obey all the relevant laws and not alarm anyone nearby though!
Off for another go shortly as it goes dark... watch out Mr Rat!!

RE: Rats - april - 23-03-2019

Good on Ya ! My 2018 problem appears completely sorted but have sourced a neighbour who shoots pest rats as a 'hobby' so would employ him if the need arises again. No such thing as overkill where rats are concerned.

RE: Rats - zenith - 23-03-2019

A good air rifle and steady aim is probably the best solution, as they breed at an alarming rate . I still have my old air rifle although we have no rats here, I bet they are not too far away. My rifle is old and heavy I doubt I could hold it long enough to take aim properly these days. 

I hope you have more success this evening  Smile good hunting.

RE: Rats - scotsfran - 24-03-2019

I had rats for the first time - that I was aware of - last year. There were obvious tunnels - so I popped down pasta bait (that's what the farming shop called it) and closed the hole. Hated doing it but I felt 'needs must' and I wouldn't trust myself with a gun!! (having said that I got bulls-eye with clay pigeon shooting once - many years ago!) It took a few goes and some new holes, but eventually they stopped.

RE: Rats - Sutty - 24-03-2019

A lightweight tripod and a "V" shaped rest on top removes the weight/fatigue factor and steadies your shot well for much better accuracy.

RE: Rats - Nick the Grief - 31-03-2019

I do enjoy a good session of ratting down the lotty. to make it easy get a paving slab and stand it on edge ( to use as a backstop) and smear peanut butter on it about 2 or 3 inches up ( so the little bar stewards have to reach up) set it up somewhere where you can sit in comfort and then sit back and wait for them ...

RE: Rats - Sutty - 13-05-2019

Got another one on Saturday night, shot through the back of the skull = lights out! Don't think many left if any.

RE: Rats - scotsfran - 14-05-2019

I thought I had a rat in the chicken run the other day. It moved so fast and went behind the plastic shed (converted into a broody house) but when I lifted it I couldn't see anything, not even a hold. Odd I thought. The next day the same thing happened but when I lifted the shed this time it was  a baby bunny?! How did that get in there?! Anyway, rescued and released into the neighbours garden......... rabbit run