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Few photos of spring - Nick the Grief - 13-05-2018

Every year I try and photograph the local blue bells, but the last couple of years I haven't for one reason or another so this year I made the effort to charge the batteries in the camera and went out and took half a dozen photo's on the way back from the lotty so here they are ... 1 is the bluebells, 2 is of the beech trees looking into the canopy - I love beech woodland and the final one is the little driveway to my lotty where I keep the chooks ...[attachment=8273][attachment=8274][attachment=8275]

RE: Few photos of spring - k9crystal - 14-05-2018

beautiful pics Nic. The little lane is just stunning.

RE: Few photos of spring - Cockadoodledoo - 14-05-2018

Amazing.  Just this past week everything seems to have turned green.  Isn't Mother Nature a clever girl  Smile Smile

RE: Few photos of spring - scotsfran - 15-05-2018

Beautiful photos - the bluebells are just stunning! Finally it's beginning to feel like Spring!

RE: Few photos of spring - Nick the Grief - 17-05-2018

(14-05-2018, 09:31 AM)k9crystal Wrote: beautiful pics Nic. The little lane is just stunning.

Thats about the full length from my lotty to the main road its about 100yds from the A5 one side and the Coventry canal the other(and then the west coast mainline) but it does me ... its not a proper allotment with rows of Veg but that's because it had about 60 chickens and 3 geese on it till recently but when I retire I might just make a raised bed on there for a bit of veg and 3 big  pens for some chucks - not many maybe 5 maximum but give them loads of space in the hope that it keeps a bit of grass and doesn't turn into a paddy field in winter  roll eyes

that said I keep threatening to get rid of it but its so useful as you can have a massive bonfire there and no one bothers Big Grin