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Fat Balls - april - 02-05-2018

Because my remaining chickens are now on lock-down for several weeks and because I feel as guilty as hell and want to spoil them rotten, I'm looking for lots of enrichment ideas.  Do any of you give your hens Fat Balls ?

RE: Fat Balls - Sutty - 02-05-2018

Mine have enjoyed the odd fat ball, as in bird seed bonded with fat.
I bought a big box from Costco (where I also but 12Kg bags of "wild bird seed" quite cheap).
Whole cobs of sweet corn (cooked) are very welcome - try a greengrocer and see if they have old stuff they can't sell for humans.
You can get feeder balls for cats etc which have a small hole in the side, you fill with treats and they learn to free them by rolling about - might work for hens and keep them active.

RE: Fat Balls - k9crystal - 09-05-2018

Mine enjoyed a few fat balls when they were in Bird flu lockdown.
I also hang veggies high up in hanging baskets and stuff things into plastic holders made for chickens,cant think what the make is now.They are bright orange,ive also made similar with tree branches.