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New Incubator - april - 29-04-2018

I've finally taken the plunge, saved up my pennies and ordered a second R-Com Incubator.  It should arrive tomorrow and I have my first batch of 20 Shetland eggs from my new stock ready to go in.  I don't need any more Shetlands but feel I must do a test hatch before offering hatching eggs for sale (which I intend to put on ebay and preloved.  Ever egg I crack open appears fertile so I am hoping for the test hatch to be productive.  I will candle them on day 5 and see how many are 'goers'.  I am using my original inccy for Call Ducks at the moment (with the same level of failure as usual).  Just 5 fertile in there at the moment but actually, this is very early in the season for Calls and unfortunately my new young drake had quite a nasty leg injury which has put him out of action for the past 3 weeks.  He is back to full fitness now and back in with the girls so I'm hoping he'll get back to work and I can get a decent number of fertile eggs on the go.  I have 10 sitting in a nest box but none of the ducks seem willing to sit so sadly they will probably have to be wasted (fertile or not).  Anyway having 2 incubators should help no end - it's very difficult when you have 2 different species requiring different incubation.  Fingers crossed for some chirping and quacking in the not too distant future.

RE: New Incubator - scotsfran - 29-04-2018

Good luck with the hatching - and do post some pics. I'm tempted to get my Incy out as dear daughter would love to see some chicks but probably not a good idea if we are trying to sell this place....

RE: New Incubator - zenith - 30-04-2018

Happy hatching April  Smile

RE: New Incubator - Squizzers - 30-04-2018

You can't go wrong with a r-com - brilliant bit of kit.

I've got my first test hatch in the Bator with another lot ready to go in once I've candled them. Too cold to go outside and rummage today lol

RE: New Incubator - Sutty - 01-05-2018

Very jealous of you hatching. I'm itching to hatch some more brahmas (well, quite a few really, as my flock has dwindled a bit in the last couple of years), but OH has banned me from hatching until I'm back from my next "big trip" at the end of July. Roll on August!!