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Over amorous cockerel - Lass - 17-04-2018

My friend has 3 bantams - bought as 3 pullets but one turned out to be a cockerel. He’s had them a couple of years with no problems.

Recently the cockerel has taken to treading the girls roughly and excessively. My friend is worried the hens are going to get injured. He has been letting the hens out to free range and leaving the cockerel in the run, which he’s not happy about.

I suggested he needs to get more hens but he doesn’t want to do this. The hens already wear saddles.

Any other ideas? This has only started very recently so I’m wondering if the delayed spring has caused his hormones to go haywire and hopefully he might settle back to normal soon.

RE: Over amorous cockerel - Sutty - 17-04-2018

Its prime mating time at the moment, maybe gice it a month or so and see.

RE: Over amorous cockerel - april - 18-04-2018

Agree with Sutty. All the boys get a bit silly this time of year. Give him some time to settle back down.

RE: Over amorous cockerel - Nick the Grief - 19-04-2018

me and Zen are silly most of the year  rofl

RE: Over amorous cockerel - k9crystal - 20-04-2018

(19-04-2018, 06:39 PM)Nick the Grief Wrote: me and Zen are silly most of the year  rofl

I fully agree with part of that statement Nick, and no it is not Zenith im referring to Big Grin