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Incubator - eggy - 10-02-2018

Has anyone used one of these ?
eBay item number:

RE: Incubator - april - 11-02-2018

Can you post a link ?

RE: Incubator - zenith - 11-02-2018

(11-02-2018, 12:38 PM)april Wrote: Can you post a link ?

I think this is what the ebay number links to

RE: Incubator - scotsfran - 11-02-2018

I've not seen that make before - I've got a Brinsea Automatic incubator which I have only used the once (and I was a complete newbie at that!) and had a good hatch rate with only one failing to hatch. I do realise it depends on the egg too. What size were you thinking of getting eggy?

RE: Incubator - eggy - 11-02-2018

They seem to have the 48 eggs available, others being out of stock apart from the 7 egg. I'm only thinking on doing a dozen eggs.

RE: Incubator - april - 12-02-2018

Eggy, this is very, very cheap for a fully automatic incubator - the equivalent in a well known make such as R-Com or Brinsea would be getting on for £300. I would want to read reviews on hatch rates before purchasing. Also, incubators are much more efficient when they are full so if you only want to hatch 12 at a time (bearing in mind some of those eggs may not be fertile or may fail to hatch), I would only buy an incubator that holds that many eggs. Going for an incubator that hold 20 + eggs and filling it up is probably a bit more realistic and you're more likely to get the 12 chicks your planning.

RE: Incubator - Sutty - 14-02-2018

I can't speak for these incubators, but I understand there were problems in recent years with electrical safety of cheap chinese import incubators.
Personally I would stick with known brands with UK dealers, even if buying second hand.

RE: Incubator - eggy - 15-02-2018

(12-02-2018, 10:07 AM)april Wrote: ....this is very, very cheap for a fully automatic incubator ......  I would want to read reviews on hatch rates ......

The review on this will follow after the anticipated hatch date of March 21 onwards. I'm just deciding on breed of large chicken.

RE: Incubator - scotsfran - 15-02-2018

What kind of breed are you looking for eggy - good layers, pretty birds - or both!! I have mostly Welsummers, with three Plymouth Rocks. I did think about cross breeding them to get auto-sexing chicks, but I haven't got that far....yet!!