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Question ? - april - 03-02-2018

A question for those of you that have introduced a new cockerel into an established flock where there is already one resident (elderly) boy.  What has been you best and most successful method ?  Straight in - at night - and see what happens or softly, softly separating them in sight of each other and then letting them mix after a few days ?

RE: Question ? - k9crystal - 05-02-2018

As long as the new boy has no potential health issues then ive popped him in at night and let them get on with it.
fortunately its always worked for me.

RE: Question ? - april - 05-02-2018

Ta K9 - this would be my method but just wanting to advise someone else. It's one of my Shetland Cockerels going to a new home so I know there are no health issues - there is an elderly resident Shetland already in the flock so more concerned about upsetting him than the new fella really.

RE: Question ? - k9crystal - 06-02-2018

My lot have the whole of a big garden so lots of places to stay/get away from each other.I think thats why i dont have problems.
Shetlands are usually placid so i think its a case of try them and see what happens.As long as there is enough space and girls to keep both occupied.