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the sneaky little 'dotte - Nick the Grief - 16-12-2017

Went down the lotty this morning and strange noise coming from the nest box ... open it up and ... the crafty sodding Wyandotte cross had gone broody somewhere and turned up with 5 chicks !!! not sure what sort they are, might be gold, silver, wybar or mongrel as I've not got them in their breeding pens yet !


RE: the sneaky little 'dotte - k9crystal - 18-12-2017

how lovely. i have a light sussex firmly ensconsed in a nest box.

RE: the sneaky little 'dotte - scotsfran - 18-12-2017

Oh wow....an early Christmas present!!  woot

RE: the sneaky little 'dotte - Sutty - 18-12-2017

Would love mine to lay, let alone go broody! (well one or two lay occasionally, but only the flock with no cock!)

RE: the sneaky little 'dotte - scotsfran - 21-12-2017

Eggs...remind me, what do they look like?! Not had any for at least a couple of months now. At least the days will be getting longer soon.....

RE: the sneaky little 'dotte - april - 21-12-2017

So lucky this winter - getting more than enough eggs for me, the OH and a couple of Christmas swaps (eggs for homemade sausages) ! Thanks mostly to my White Leghorns who just live to lay. The Smoked Salmon and Scrambled Eggs at Christmas will thankfully be made with my own eggs for a change.

Nick, really what was that hen thinking of producing chicks at the coldest time of the year - silly girl !

RE: the sneaky little 'dotte - Teazel - 01-01-2018

No eggs today for me, although my Silkie is happy sitting on nothing. !

RE: the sneaky little 'dotte - scotsfran - 01-01-2018

Got a lovely Hogmany surprise from my girls - 5 eggs!!  woot Not sure how long a period they've been laid over, I gave up looking about 2 weeks ago. Onwards and upwards.....