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Harkamectin. - k9crystal - 30-08-2017

Do any of you use Harkamectin?
if so how many drops for standard size chicken?

RE: Harkamectin. - april - 30-08-2017

Have used it in the past - currently use Eprinex as there is no egg withdrawal period. Anyway, as to your question, I used 4 drops on standard large fowl.

RE: Harkamectin. - k9crystal - 31-08-2017

Thank you April.. how often do you dose them ? is this a prescription only product or can you get it elsewhere?

nother question Big Grin
is eprinex ivermectin based? if so why no egg withdrawal when there is with other products??

RE: Harkamectin. - april - 31-08-2017

No I don't believe it's Ivermectin based. It is actually cattle wormer but kills mites and lice on poultry although not licenced for such use obviously. As there is no milk withdrawal period in cattle, my vet advised there should be no egg withdrawal period either.

No prescription required - my vet gets mine for me but in the past I bought it on-line without prescription. I do mine every 6 months. Never see any nasties on mine at all BUT as with all things, it doesn't seem to keep scaly leg mite away so for that I spray with Frontline Spray (or equivalent) and then slather on Camrosa - repeated weekly until scales return to normal. Works like a dream.

RE: Harkamectin. - Sutty - 31-08-2017

Eprinex is eprinomectin rather than ivermectin (Harkamectin is ivermectin), same class of drug (avermectins). I think it has a very slightly broader action but very similar. Not licenced in poultry. As they are so similar I would expect ant egg withdrawal to be the same for both drugs. I don't think either is effective against tapeworms.