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SLW Cockerel - april - 27-08-2017

I know this is a long shot but I would like to find a nice home for 'Otred', my Silver Laced Wyandotte Cockerel.  He's just under 2 years old and never had the pleasure of his own ladies because my Shetland Cockerel hasn't let him !  As I am about to keep another Shetland, I think 'Otred' may be better off somewhere else (where he has more chance) !!  Anyone interested (or know anyone who might be) please get in touch.

RE: SLW Cockerel - k9crystal - 29-08-2017

if you had posted this two weeks ago i would have had him.
No way i can keep three,Harry is now crowing so he is in a cat box tonight.

RE: SLW Cockerel - scotsfran - 30-08-2017

Awww how lovely - hope Otred finds a new home!

RE: SLW Cockerel - april - 30-08-2017

Good news, looks like I have found a nice free-range home for him as the only Cockerel. Going to have a look at it as it's local and make sure it's good enough for him.

RE: SLW Cockerel - april - 31-08-2017

Good home, very large free-range enclosure with other chickens, ducks and a bunny. New owner was thrilled with him (despite him looking very bedraggled from the terrible rain we had yesterday and arriving with a bloody comb from having a strop in his carrying crate. Should now be able to keep 2 new Cockerels from my recent hatch (one from each egg supplier) and no segregation needed when I want fertilised eggs - the boys can just get on with it. Hurrah !

RE: SLW Cockerel - k9crystal - 31-08-2017

eggcellent result.. Smile

RE: SLW Cockerel - Teazel - 02-09-2017

That's great April. I still have my Pekin Handsome and splash Silkie who get along fine