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Always worth a go. - april - 22-08-2017

One of the Copper Maran chicks in my 'mega' hatch, popped out with a leg the wrong way round - yes....literally.  He couldn't stand up and sat with the leg facing the wrong way and out backwards.  Mostly - he just rolled on to his back and couldn't get up.  Very sad to watch and my instinct was to put him to sleep on the first day out.  However, buoyant from such a good hatch I decided to give him a go and fashioned a sort of splint out of a drinking straw and an elastic band (like you do for splayed legs) and managed to get the leg back in to the correct position (well sort of).  I segregated him on his own with a heat lamp, rolled up towel and soft doggy toy for support for the first 24 hours and after that I added in a couple of gentle buddies to encourage him to move, eat and drink.  One week on and he is now almost completely normal - he has the very slightest of limps but both legs are in the correct position and he runs, jumps and walks with no difficulty whatsoever.  I reckon another couple of days and him and his pals will be able to join the other 18 Shetlands and Marans down in the 'babies' shed.  So pleased and somewhat in awe of the little chap - cos he really did look like a lost cause.  Of course, I'm saying 'he' because with all this extra TLC and me cooing over him every minute of the day, he's bound to be a Cockerel !!

RE: Always worth a go. - Cockadoodledoo - 22-08-2017

Well done April - you obviously have a great mothering instinct   Smile

RE: Always worth a go. - scotsfran - 22-08-2017

Wow well done April! That chook will be extra special now - sods law will have it that he's a boy.....

RE: Always worth a go. - zenith - 23-08-2017

It is surprising how they come on if treated at an early stage. Well done April on giving it a chance, I hope it's a hen after your efforts.

RE: Always worth a go. - Sutty - 02-09-2017

Here's hoping it's a girl!
I was So tempted to keep my Lazarus chick - manually hatched from a cold broken egg and looked dead after mum abandoned - sadly I had no space for another boy at the time.
It's amazing what they can survive with.