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Hurray ! - april - 13-08-2017

Hatching well underway and 9 Shetland Chicks out so far and looking lovely.  Another 5 piped.  Also got 4 Copper Black Marans in as well but they are not due to hatch till tomorrow.  Wasted so much time watching them this afternoon that we've had to forego cooking a dinner and OH has just gone of to the Fish and Chip Shop.  No need to tell you all how incredibly special these Shetlands are so I am beaming from ear to ear this evening. Big Grin

RE: Hurray ! - scotsfran - 13-08-2017

Oh wow - how lovely!! I've had to restrain myself from hatching chicks this year.....I hope that the rest of the hatch goes well.....

RE: Hurray ! - april - 14-08-2017

This morning another 3 Shetlands hatched and so far another 3 piped together with 4 of the Marans - all looking rather promising.

RE: Hurray ! - k9crystal - 14-08-2017

fantastic news. mega happy

RE: Hurray ! - april - 15-08-2017

Looks like the final tally will be 21 out of 23 fertile eggs which I think is brilliant and probably the best hatch I've ever had. 5 Copper Black/Blue Marans and 16 Shetlands. 2 Shetlands were dead in shell although sadly, one of those had piped but just couldn't get any further.

One of the Shetlands has hatched 'sticky' - covered in the remains of her egg and bits of egg shell. She looked shocking last night and I couldn't imagine how she would manage to get to her feet (which were stuck to her body). However, this morning she's upright and tweeting away but still covered in egg and certainly not going to fluff up in a hurry. One wing is 'glued' to her side - being black, she looks like she's been caught in an oil slick. Does anyone have an experience of this and did you do anything to try and clean the chick up ? To be honest I can't really see what I could do without causing terrible stress so I am inclined to give her another few hours in the incubator and then let the egg just wear off over time. Any thoughts or suggestions ?

Just got one of the Copper Marans to finish hatching and then I'll be done. 24 of Sutty's lovely Brahma eggs now waiting patiently for their turn in the incubator !