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new duckies - k9crystal - 09-08-2017

last night i collected two new wives for my muscovey lad MrD. His last ladies flew away last year..note to self to keep up with wing clipping..They went off into the arable fields at the back so we had no chance of catching them.I had considered rehoming as he is being a real sex pest with the hens. well two ladies advertised on FB as they were not accepted by resident ducks with new owner. So i now have 2 six month olds,One is chocolate and is now named Cadbury and the other is a lilac now known as delilac.
MrD is a very happy duckie this morning,new ladies and its raining..happy days

RE: new duckies - april - 09-08-2017

Oh Bless him - he will be a happy chappy. Nice to see some duck news. I am currently trying to source a new young pair of Apricot Call Ducks to join my trio. The girls laid oodles of eggs this year (for a change) but unfortunately my drake 'Floyd' is an old fella now and none of the eggs were fertile. Need a youngster to get settled before he needs to start 'work' next Spring.

RE: new duckies - scotsfran - 10-08-2017

I have thought of ducks as we have a pond in the garden - but are they very messy? A couple (or three) call ducks appeal to me. It is a secure garden but would they fly off? I haven't really looked into it, so know nothing about duck keeping

RE: new duckies - april - 10-08-2017

Call Ducks are the least messy - they are very small and smart looking and do no damage pottering around my garden. They do drill in to the lawn but that probably does more good than harm by aerating the ground. Mine have a very small 'pond' which they are more than happy with and if it were on grass it would become wet and sloppy around it so I have it on a pathway and they can choose to use it or not when they are out free ranging. Call Ducks can fly but you can keep a wing clipped and No, I have never had one fly off - they become very tame quite quickly and provided they have regular feeding times and a nice cosy house for night-time, they definitely stay put. The females are quite loud, especially when they are young but tend only to alarm call once they are settled in their homes. Calls are lovely, friendly, gentle little ducks and come in some lovely colours. Apricots are definitely my favourite but a really well-bred white is always lovely to look at. Black and White pieds are also really attractive. They lay very few eggs from feb - july and are absolute nightmares to breed. If you want to try, make sure you buy a trio of the same colour otherwise you'll end up with some odd colours which are not so attractive. Easy to feed; a few layers pellets, a bit of wheat or mixed corn under water as a treat and whatever they find in the garden. If you're not bothered about eggs or ducklings, boys will live happily together and are very quiet.

RE: new duckies - k9crystal - 11-08-2017

Ducks can be very messy indeed. They poop a lot!! make mud and paddle all over. muscovy dont need a pond, they are perfectly happy with a dabbling bowl so that they can get their heads under water to clean themselves.Mine have a cut off metal beer barrel and their wheat feed is in a cat litter tray.Most other ducks need a pond. Muscovy ducks are very quiet.
I have had call ducks, the boys are delightful,do very little damage,not very messy and quiet.The girls can quack a bit but its lovely to hear.
I had two call boys for a while but the silly birds decided to fly over the fence into the dog kennels Cry so that was the end of them.
The muscovy are very impressive in size, i would have a job to pick up MrD he is that big, love the way he wags his tail when he is happy. the new ladies are quite taken with him and follow him everywhere. The eggs are delicious although you dont get many of them and you have to go find them as they drop them anywhere.
Now waiting for the girls to moult as the previous owners did a dreadful job of wing clipping !! They now know how to do it neatly instead of just hacking straight across the wing oh my

RE: new duckies - zenith - 11-08-2017

Poor ducks there are plenty of tips via the internet showing how to clip wings .

RE: new duckies - scotsfran - 11-08-2017

Interesting reading. Do the ducks put themselves to bed in a house in the same way as chickens do? I'd probably have to have a separate pen for them. Perhaps one day.....

RE: new duckies - april - 12-08-2017

Mine are allowed to free-range in the mornings but are herded into their grass run in the afternoon (just in case a fox comes calling). They have a sleeping house in there but because the run is fully enclosed, it doesn't matter whether they go in to the house or not - sometimes they do at dusk, sometimes they don't. Either way, I shut them in to the house when I go down and shut the chickens pop hole. Should say, that the ducks also free-range at any time we're working or sitting in the garden so actually, they tend to be out more often than in.

RE: new duckies - Cockadoodledoo - 12-08-2017

We used to keep call ducks a while back.  Lovely little creatures but, as said, very messy.  They had their own large pen and were quite happy with 2 childrens plastic paddling pools.

RE: new duckies - k9crystal - 12-08-2017

(11-08-2017, 12:16 PM)zenith Wrote: Poor ducks there are plenty of tips via the internet showing how to clip wings .

I leave the outer two feathers on and clip the rest far enough down so as be cut underneath the next set,that way when the wing is folded back it looks like it hasnt been done.

(11-08-2017, 08:08 PM)scotsfran Wrote: Interesting reading. Do the ducks put themselves to bed in a house in the same way as chickens do? I'd probably have to have a separate pen for them. Perhaps one day.....

mine go to bed with the chickens,the new girls follow MrD in. he perches but the girls are sleeping in a nest box for now.They will learn to perch eventually.