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  End of an era
Posted by: k9crystal - 27-03-2017, 10:15 AM - Forum: Creature Comforts - Replies (18)

yesterday we lost our last Bernese Rioja.
I bred her so saw her into the world and saw her out of it. She has been going downhill for a while but still had her spark until Saturday when she looked very tired although her tail still flapped whenever we spoke to her. She was a fruitloop as a youngster,one memorable occaision we couldnt find the chain that held her kennel door open,frantic searching praying she hadnt eaten it.Trip to vet out of ours on a Saturday evening !! and yep there is was, a ball of chain in her tum.As it was in a ball the vet decided to let nature take its course.So two days of poo prodding and it reappeared.She thought the whole thing hliarious but that was Rio, life was one big party to her. We didnt dare bend over near her as without fail her nose was shoved up your nether regions with some force,ive been tipped on the floor many times. She only saw a vet twice in her 11+yrs.Once for the afore mentioned chain and then again for Pyometra which she bounced through like nothing happened.Thats not bad going for the breed.
After 21yrs of having Bernese there is now a huge hole here.Its going to take some getting used to.
If any of you get the James Wellbeloved magazine,the vets Bernese is Rio's sister.
Rio..you were a joy for all of your 11and 3/4 yrs..nite nite sweetheart,we miss you so very much.

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  which cockerel?
Posted by: Teazel - 27-03-2017, 10:03 AM - Forum: General Chicken Chat - Replies (2)

I have a Pekin and a Silkie cockerel out with the chickens and bantams.   Both are mating, so if I hatched anything might I get some and some or would it be the last one that mated?   I know you can get mixed litters with dogs and cats if they are mated with two different males.

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  anyone with a hot tub!!!
Posted by: k9crystal - 21-03-2017, 09:54 AM - Forum: Creature Comforts - Replies (6)

I got a panicked call from a friend to say that her daughters Shih Tzu Poppy was missing. I couldnt do anything at first as i was out dog walking and it took me a while to get back to the car,deliver the dogs back at home and then rush over to see if i could help.
I arrived to find an awful scene of shouting,tears and hysterics from adults and children..Poppy had been found drowned in the hot tub Sad My friend bred Poppy,I microchipped her and she was given to friends daughter,Poppy had pups a year or so ago and i chipped those pups as well. As you can imagine my friend is furious and devastated,the family are distraught.They had a boozy party the night before and didnt put the lid on properly,Poppy loved water Cry
At one point we had to physically restrain friend from harming daughter.The children ( could have been one of the little ones!!another reason for friend to be so angry) are inconsolable.
Poor Poppy,what a horrible way to die. Hot tubs should be fenced off as well as lidded properly.

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  They are a worry at times
Posted by: zenith - 20-03-2017, 07:28 PM - Forum: Creature Comforts - Replies (10)

Kai our biggest dog went in to our vets today to have a tumour removed from his eye lid and if possible to remove one from his rear leg. As he'd had a few falls of late we asked them to X-ray him too. Later today the vet rang we were expecting everything has gone well and he's recovering. Instead we got sorry we were unable to operate as after his X-ray and just as they were scrubbing up to operate he died on the table Sad it took them ages to get him back to life. He's home now and pretty much still out of it resting. So any op's are out of the question in future. I can't fault the vets [ well only in that they could improve the way they break the news on the phone] we all thought for a few minutes we had lost him. Went to collect him and I have never seen so  many nurses and vets in tears,  I think he scared the life out of them today. Here he is beforehand chilling with his best friend, she really missed him today.

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  humidity in R-Com
Posted by: april - 20-03-2017, 04:10 PM - Forum: Incubation & Hatching - Replies (3)

I have been hatching the past few years in an R-Com 20.  For humidity I have always set mine at 35% for the first 18 days increasing it gradually to 58% once eggs are externally pipped.   Do any of you hatch at a higher humidity that this ?

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  Your thoughts please
Posted by: april - 19-03-2017, 01:32 PM - Forum: General Chicken Chat - Replies (7)

I am about to segregate a trio of SLW to start collecting up eggs for hatching.  However, I really want to be able to keep the good relationship between the SLW cockerel and the elderly Shetland boy who normally live together.  To try to reduce any aggression I was considering taking the SLW out of the segregation area late each afternoon and allowing him back in with the other birds for roosting.  Each morning, I would then catch him up and pop him back in with his 2 hens for the daytime (to do his business).  This way he keeps in contact with the Shetland for a part of each day and over night.  Can anyone see a problem with this ?  The last time I separated 2 cocks that had been living in the same pen, I wasn't able to reintroduce them as they fought really badly and I had to cull one of them.  Don't want that to happen again so thought this may be the answer.  What do you all think ?

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Posted by: Teazel - 16-03-2017, 06:52 PM - Forum: General Chicken Chat - Replies (8)

A pair of buzzards are getting increasingly nearer to us,  today they flew low over Fort Knox where my chickens and bantams are.     Has anyone ever had bantams taken by buzzards,  I know my daughter lost a duckling to one Sad

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Shocked Unexpected predator
Posted by: auntsally - 14-03-2017, 08:38 PM - Forum: General Chicken Chat - Replies (12)

The other evening we heard a terrific commotion from the hen houses so went rushing up there. The girls were hiding in their houses and the galvanised feeder was on its side, flight feathers in the run but no clue as to what had happened.
Next morning the noise again so Worzel ran to them to find a large tabby cat sitting on the internal house. It raced off before Steve could get to it but this time it had pulled out a great clump of breast feathers from a Shetland girl who was traumatised.
Our runs open onto a communal run through their popholes. We had netted the communal run against birds but not a determined cat! So now the girls have to stay shut in their individual runs with the popholes closed. In all the years we have had chickens cats have never come near them and the neighbours cats are scared of them.
We think this is owned by new people who have moved in behind us. No idea what to do about it as cats cannot be controlled.  We have kept cats for 40 years and this is the last thing we thought we had to protect against.
It went through a small pophole and took on three Brahmas and a Favorelle as well as the normal sized birds. To add insult to injury it us using a plank in the communal area as a scratching post!

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  Log grenade
Posted by: zenith - 08-03-2017, 08:50 PM - Forum: Tools & Machinery - Replies (6)

A useful tool to use when splitting large logs such as  tree trunk rounds. I had quite a few delivered ranging from 4 inches to 8 inches thick . These are to big to go on the log splitter I have, but with the aid of a log grenade and lump hammer they split quite easy into more manageable sizes. I was splitting Oak tree trunk rounds today using this method. Smile I still have lots more to do too, little and often is my way forwards storing the ones I split.

{ note to Teazel :- they do not explode laugh

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  Parrot and terrier
Posted by: k9crystal - 06-03-2017, 01:09 PM - Forum: Creature Comforts - Replies (8)

My youngest terrier is now 17mnths old.
He is the most delightful chap.Very biddable and quick to learn if a little boistrous with his ballees.He will do anything for a balleeee.
He has discovered the joy of parrot watching !! not something i want any of my dogs to do.The parrots are fine as locked in and they dont seem to mind a pair of eyes gazing at them for hours on end or standing on tippietoes trying to sniff them.I am trying to discourage as he will one day end up with a bitten nose that will be very messy and painful.
however we are not doing very well as every time we call him away Beamish calls him back...
"Griff "
"griffon come"
"griff .....goooood boy"
"Oi Griffon"
This is what we had all last night whilst trying to watch Call the midwife and sswotsit. rof

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