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  Happy Birthday Squizzers
Posted by: zenith - 15-11-2017, 11:06 PM - Forum: Test Messages (deleted weekly) - Replies (4)

I know I'm about 35 minutes early, but a little bird told me it was a BIG BIRTHDAY this year . Now me being a gent of sort and never asking a lady her age ,wasn't up to scratch when asked. I know I just wanted to be first to say enjoy your big day in every special way. Have a lovely day my friend I hope it is as special as you are.

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  Busy Morning with Chainsaw
Posted by: Cockadoodledoo - 06-11-2017, 01:15 PM - Forum: Gardens - Flowers, Lawns etc - Replies (7)

Outside at daylight, poultry given breakfast, came inside and we had breakfast, then we spent 4 hours in our small willow wood cutting it all back.  Thick branches for the woodburner next year, medium branches for weaving fences and bird feeding places.  Incinerator going for all the tiny twigs - all in all, a very satisfying morning.  Too much time wasted watching the birds - woodpeckers, chaffinches, blue tits, long tailed tits, blackbirds etc.,  our resident buzzard and heron and our tame robin.

Now we are going to have a large bowl of home made vegetable soup and some home made bread  Smile

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  Happy Birthday Zenith!
Posted by: scotsfran - 15-10-2017, 08:43 AM - Forum: Test Messages (deleted weekly) - Replies (1)

Hope you have a lovely day  Happy panda

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Rainbow My elderly ex-batt Agnes
Posted by: chickenmum - 14-10-2017, 04:22 PM - Forum: General Chicken Chat - Replies (4)

Bless her.  I rescued her on 15 March 2014 and she pootled round my garden for 3 and a half years.  A smart girl who used to jump right onto the treat bin when I opened it, very friendly and made the loveliest whiffle noises.  I saw she was slowing down and one morning I found her alert but lying on one side.  Brought her in and tried scrambled eggs and sweetcorn but she just wasn't interested.  I made the fatal appointment at the vet and he thought she had a virus not a stroke because she was totally alert apart from loosing her strength.  I knew I had to let her go amid loads of tears.  Just before I let the vet take her she looked me right in the eye as if to say, it's ok, I'm ready to go.  It's a long time since I've cried like that over one of my girls, but she was just kind of special.

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  Pups off to new homes next week.
Posted by: k9crystal - 07-10-2017, 11:59 AM - Forum: Creature Comforts - Replies (5)

Last pup sold last night.They will be off to their new homes next week.I only have to think about it and i fill up!!
im sure im getting softer as i get older.
selling them has been hard work,there are some really stupid people out there, comments such as:
Is this item still for sale....ITEM !!
whats your best price ? whats the lowest you will take? !!! Blocked
what breed are the parents? Ad clearly states Patterdale Terrier.
Too active for us so we have changed our mind and we are buying a labrador !!! good luck with that.

The friend that had booked one is now not having her as he rescued a beagel/cocker spaniel 2 mnths ago and its shown them its teeth on numerous occaisions and 2weeks ago at 6mnths old it attacked and ragged a relatives 12week old puppy.So i gave him the ultimatum of its that dog or my puppy not both,they are keeping the rescue so puppy has been booked by another friend to live with her and her lakeland terrier, so that has worked out well. I will get to see her regularly as said friend often comes into the shop.
My pup is called Peggy,friends is Morrigan. One boy is Ralf, the others are still deciding.

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  First fall of Autumn
Posted by: zenith - 05-10-2017, 07:34 PM - Forum: Gardens - Flowers, Lawns etc - Replies (3)

After overnight high winds we had the first fall of leaves which all blow into our garden. Now whilst I don't mind the leaves that much, the helicopter seeds from the sycamore tree which happens to be the nearest to the house drive me nuts. They take an age to suck up in the garden vac, if you try to blow them to one corner they go in all directions to what you intended. I know this is the first of many days I will be  out clearing them from the garden , quite the endless task really. After getting a large wheelie bin full of shredded leaves & seeds in pulped form done, the garden, path and driveway looked like someone own it again. An hour later after all tools had been put away, it looked not much different as when I first started the task.

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  New Calls
Posted by: april - 01-10-2017, 05:22 PM - Forum: TGD General Chat - Replies (10)

Finally after many months of searching, I bought a new pair of Apricot Call Ducks this weekend from a very nice exhibitor.  A very scruffy, baby boy (he'll definitely come good during the winter) and a rather pretty, good type 2 year old female.  Now looking forward to possibly having some Call Ducklings next Summer which will be the first for about 4 years.  Slowly introducing them to my resident trio over the next few days.  The Drakes seem cool with the whole idea but my resident Ducks are less than impressed with the new girl on the block - give them some time and they'll soon be pottering around the garden together.  Calls always make good friends with newbies eventually.

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  Disappointing purchase
Posted by: april - 26-09-2017, 01:05 PM - Forum: General Chicken Chat - Replies (8)

I will not give out the name of the supplier on the open forum but if anyone is considering buying hatching eggs next year from the Southampton area, pm me first to make sure it is not from the one I have just bought from (and paid top prices).  I bought 18 French Copper Blue Maran hatching eggs.  1 arrived with a hair line crack and from the rank smell, I would suggest it was broken before it was packed.  12 were clear with only 5 viable.  3 hatched (I realise hatching is out of the suppliers control).  Only 2 of these are the breed I asked for and when I queried what the 3rd chick was, the breeder simply stated 'oh that will be a Splash Maran - it will still lay dark brown eggs' !  Well, I didn't want Splash Marans, I wanted Copper Blue.  I think the fertility rate is very poor and she has not offered any refund or replacement eggs in the future (not that I would accept them).  I also accept it is quite late in the season BUT if you are selling hatching eggs as a business (and not as a favour to friends) then you have to ensure a better percentage fertility rate than this.  The supplier appears very decent and No....it wasn't an Ebayer so I would have expected a better service.

On a happier note, my hatch of 21 go from strength to strength and at 6 weeks old, I am estimating many more hens than cocks.............YES REALLY !  Hurrah.

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Posted by: Teazel - 21-09-2017, 08:42 PM - Forum: General Chicken Chat - Replies (1)

My black Shetland (sister to Oddball) is often trying to mate the other hens.   She does lay a few eggs, about 6 and then stops.   She doesnt lay for ages, then moults, lays another 6 eggs or so and stops again.       Any ideas?

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Posted by: zenith - 16-09-2017, 07:40 AM - Forum: Test Messages (deleted weekly) - Replies (3)

Happy Birthday I hope you have a lovely day  Smile

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