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  Solar Garden Lights
Posted by: zenith - 27-09-2018, 03:01 PM - Forum: Gardens - Flowers, Lawns etc - Replies (3)

When you order Solar powered colour changing lights for the garden via flea bay ! They arrive you put them together and find one not working out of four. You put them in the garden thinking they may just need charging. Only to find they are not colour changing at all  Angry . Messaged the seller to get the usual excuses try this and that! My reply I don't have a magic wand. They are now on the way back recorded delivery which cost almost as much as the lights. They did offer a postage label, that would have been fine if I had a printer. 

Looked at the feed back on this seller after the event, only to find it's not the first time this has happened . Angry 

Sorry the end of my Victor Meldrew moment.

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Posted by: zenith - 16-09-2018, 12:18 PM - Forum: Test Messages (deleted weekly) - Replies (6)

Happy Birthday I hope you have a lovely day.  Smile

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  Chickens dropping like flies!
Posted by: PickyP - 06-09-2018, 12:47 PM - Forum: General Chicken Chat - Replies (4)

Does anybody have any ideas as to how you can help me?

Last week one of my chickens who was just over a year old looked a bit under the weather on Friday and was dead in the hutch on Saturday morning. There were no obvious symptoms, no dirty bottom, just looked a bit hunched and then dead. This morning a second hen looks exactly the same. She is hunched, lethargic and this time she does have a dirty bottom and I can see her chest moving up and down as she breathes. I am thinking maybe coccidiosis but there is no blood in the poo, just a dirty, slightly green bottom.

I have isolated her and put some apple cider vinegar in her water ( and that of the other girls) but don't know what else I can do to protect my other girls, especially my little bantam chicks that were hatched earlier this year.

Does anybody have any advice?

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Posted by: april - 05-09-2018, 10:05 PM - Forum: General Chicken Chat - Replies (6)

Have managed to find decent homes for 3 cockerels in 2 days...……………….is this is a record ?

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  Roosting Problem
Posted by: Greenman - 02-09-2018, 09:59 AM - Forum: General Chicken Chat - Replies (17)

Hello All!

I have been keeping Sussex hens for over ten years now and they have been an absolute dream. Recently we have come by a beautiful Bantam Cockerel (Legbar) and two bantam hens of doubtful breed (!).

Having kept them since hatching and introducing them gradually to the great outdoors, they now free range around our garden but (and here is the problem) refuse to take themselves back to their coop on a night time (even though during their 'youth' we kept them in a safe run area and they were happy to go in to their house).

Now they all roost in one of our apple trees, which wouldn't be such a bid deal of course if the cockerel didn't wake the neighbourhood up at dawn!  It is causing a bit of a problem now and I would really appreciate any suggestions on how we can get them used to going into their coop on their own.

Many Thanks

Dave Cool

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  Hatching today
Posted by: Sutty - 28-08-2018, 01:12 PM - Forum: Incubation & Hatching - Replies (9)

32 developing Brahma eggs due today, 9 out so far, broody hopefully ready to adopt the girls (and maybe 1 boy too), though she's only been sitting for a week or so.

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  E Collars
Posted by: april - 26-08-2018, 05:15 PM - Forum: Livestock (not birds) - Replies (1)

Not at all poultry related but finally looks like England is going to ban the use of Electric Shock collars in dog and cat training.  This is something (as a dog trainer) I have been campaigning for, for a very long time.  Just waiting for the official announcement from the Home Secretary - has been a long time coming.  Very, very happy.  Well done to the Government for actually listening to professional dog people for once and making the right decision.

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  Shetland Trio
Posted by: april - 22-08-2018, 01:47 PM - Forum: For Sale - No Replies

I have a lovely trio of Shetlands for sale if anyone is keen.  Pictures by email if you would like to have a look.

The trio will be made up as follows:

1 cockerel with 'tappit
1 pullet with 'tappit'
1 pullet with no 'tappit'

Currently 12 weeks old.  Lovely Green egg layers and this trio will produce almost all chicks with the preferred 'tappit'.

£ 50


PM me if you're interested or want to see some pictures.

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  Bantam chicks male or female
Posted by: PickyP - 19-08-2018, 05:35 PM - Forum: General Chicken Chat - Replies (2)

I have two bantam chicks that are 9 weeks old and are inseparable but, they do spend a lot of time 'play-fighting'. They front up to each other and bump chests. Does this men they are both boys, or do female chicks do this too?

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Posted by: Cockadoodledoo - 19-08-2018, 12:31 PM - Forum: Wildlife - Replies (3)

Not so long ago I thought Sparrows were going to become extinct, but this year I have seen an enormous increase in their numbers.
They seem to be everywhere - it is a good job DEFRA can't see the numbers flying in and out of the poultry pens.

We have also had a few birds I seldomn see here, lots of woodpeckers, a few Mistle Thrushes, goldcrests and Jays.
I have noticed this week a sign the weather is changing - a pair of robins - we had 2 pair hopping abouit last winter.

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