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Posted by: k9crystal - 29-11-2018, 10:25 AM - Forum: TGD General Chat - Replies (9)

I have my first ever turkey.
Twinks arrived last night, she is lovely Heart
Ive always wanted a stag but having asked advice its a no go as they live with the hens and a stag trying to mate hens is never a good thing.Besides which the gobbling may upset the old bat next door Big Grin

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  Corneal eye ulcer
Posted by: april - 22-11-2018, 10:11 AM - Forum: Feeding & Health Care - Replies (4)

I have a lovely Cockerel with a horrible Corneal Eye Ulcer.  He has seen the vet and been on treatment for a week but it looks much worse than a week ago - it is permanently closed and when I open it to medicate, I can't see his eye at all, just a large white blob.  I have lots of experience of eye ulcers in dogs but not in poultry and am wondering if I should continue treatment.  He hates it, is obviously in pain and at the moment has to spend his days separated as my other boys don't like his weird behaviour (he is very disorientated) and will attack him if he is out with them (although they are fine with him being back in the house at night).  Even if the eye was to improve, I'm not sure I could return him to the flock without more bloodshed.  Despite my 'no vet' policy, 3 of my chickens have seen a vet in the last month - really can't justify much more outlay.  Anyone any experience of this condition in their birds and whether I am 'flogging a dead horse' and should pts.

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  NTG Happy Birthday
Posted by: zenith - 21-11-2018, 01:19 PM - Forum: Test Messages (deleted weekly) - Replies (12)

Happy Birthday Nick, Smile I hope you have a good day.

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Posted by: Nick the Grief - 16-11-2018, 09:25 AM - Forum: Test Messages (deleted weekly) - Replies (3)

so, what are the telegrams like off the Queen?

Happy birthday ... hope it a good one...

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  so many ruddy health problems !
Posted by: april - 13-11-2018, 08:53 PM - Forum: General Chicken Chat - Replies (9)

1 Call duck pts due to paralysis of her legs - v. sad...…...loved her lots but she was over 9 years old so...……
Kellogs Cockerel at the vet (much against my better judgement) for a horrible mouth/beak infection - well on the mend now.
4 chickens with Upper Respiratory problems - thank goodness for my bestie vet nurse pal who supplied my with a free bottle of Tylan
I poor little pekin pullet with god knows what who is currently residing in my spare bedroom - thought it was the same Upper Respiratory problem but now suspect Gapeworm.  Bought her 4 weeks ago from an auction and she has not been right since she arrived.  She's trying her best so now on Tylan (just in case) and flubenvet in case my Gapeworm theory is correct.  Will have to 'bump' in a few days if no improvement as I think enough may be enough.
Why are they all ill at once ???

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Posted by: Cockadoodledoo - 03-11-2018, 01:18 PM - Forum: General Chicken Chat - Replies (2)

Yesterday we had BT cutting down branches in out little wood where they were growing a bit near the phone cables - mainly beech.
They always chip the branches they cut down and we had arranged that we would take the chips off them.  Our girls will have nice pen ground over the winter now  They also enjoy scratching about in the chips as there are leaves in there also.

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  Keeping my duck pond clean
Posted by: Marissa C - 29-10-2018, 01:47 AM - Forum: TGD General Chat - Replies (8)


I have a duck pond that I'm struggling to keep clean. 

I'm thinking about a dirty water pump and an external uv filter but I'm not sure which brand/model would be best, and how to set it up.

Please help!

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  How long do they last ?
Posted by: zenith - 22-10-2018, 03:59 PM - Forum: Housing & Nest Boxes - Replies (3)

Just looking back at my housing solution and wondered how long other members housing solutions had lasted. Mine is still standing 11 yrs on. The house is still pretty strong although some of the attached pen is starting to rot in places.  Sad Looking at the members housing section, I wondered how others had found theirs to last.?

I know some of the cheap imports would have long since failed .

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  Lucky boys
Posted by: april - 20-10-2018, 01:52 PM - Forum: General Chicken Chat - Replies (8)

Can't believe how fortunate I've been this year with selling boys.  Just sold 2 Brahma boys and a Shetland boy to a lovely man just starting out in chickens.  He has 3 separate enclosures of 4 hens in each and wanted a lovely cockerel for each group.  Great result.  Have kept 2 Shetland boys for myself and have Just one spare Brahma cockerel to sell and at this rate I won't have to cull any fellas at all.  What a brilliant outcome.

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  Happy Birthday Zenith!!
Posted by: scotsfran - 15-10-2018, 07:27 AM - Forum: Test Messages (deleted weekly) - Replies (5)

Many happy returns Zenith - hope you have a great day! Happy panda

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